AMP Rapid Test COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM


The AMP Rapid Test is a fast coronavirus test, allowing for a quick check for specific IgM and IgG markers that would indicate the presence of Covid-19 in the body of the tested person. This kit provides the benefit of results delivered in a short time span (just 10 minutes) and can be a convenient point of reference for the health condition of a potential patient. Only a minimum amount of blood, plasma or saliva is enough for an accurate test for the presence of novel coronavirus (nCoV).

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The main advantages of this Coronavirus testing kit are the ease of use and speed of results. Simple to use, the COVID-19 kit enables doctors and lab personnel to test out patients, by detecting specific to the SARS CoV-2 IgM and IgG antibodies, which are present in the blood, but also the plasma and the mouth, in the saliva. This makes the AMP Rapid Test a viable option for field/point of care testing of patients.

How to use the coronavirus test kit

Using the kit itself, is extremely simple. The person performing the test should use a micropipette to collect the body fluid which will be tested. 10μl of blood or 5μl of plasma or serum are sufficient, but once placed into the test COVID-19 test kit’s container, an additional 90μl of buffer (not included in the package; you can use regular saline from your local pharmacy) must be added for the test to work. Results will be visible in just ten minutes, but do take care not to read them in 15 minutes or more, after adding the fluid, as beyond that point any result would be a invalid or incorrect.

Reading the COVID-19 Duo Test Kit results

For a test to be considered valid a colored band next to the letter C (the control line), marked on the kit, must appear. A coronavirus test is considered valid, even if the C band is very faint. The actual test result is checked via the M and G bands on each respective test, with the presence of such being and indication of possible coronavirus infection and specific antibodies in the patient.

COVID-19 test results

Please note the results of the nCoV test kit are not definitive and should only be used as part of the coronavirus diagnostics and treatment/prevention. Note that other types of SARS antibodies may react with the test.

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