Exo 17V Exsosome Skinbooster (1 x 3ml)


Few products can match the effectiveness and raw skin healing power that the Exo 17V has. This powerful mesocokctail mixes exsosomes, Hyaluronic acid and Polynucleotides and then amplifies their effect with a blend of peptides and Glutathione, to achieve deep skin rejuvenation, boost to the natural healing properties of the dermis and overall skin tone improvement. Equally effective against wrinkles and acne scars, Exo 17V skinbooster is a potent exosome based topical solution for full dermal rejuvenation.

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While topical skin solutions are often looked down on, Exo 17V skinbooster completely breaks that stereotipe, by offering one of the most optimal methods to address a variety of skin related problems with a single product. At its core, this is an immune exosome skin-booster, meaning this solution is built around exsosomes. They’re small vesicles, which the skin cells secrete during cell-to-cell communication. They are, in essence, a cocktail of potent agents like proteins, nucleic acid, plus other types of vital bioactive molecules, that help the skin in several ways:

  • Stimulate the fibroblasts – amplifying production of collage and elastin int eh extracellular matrix is necessary in order to boost the supportive tissues of the dermis. Apart from the visible lifting effect, collagen is a necessary component for the path towards healthy skin.
  • Reinforce the skin cell membrane – healthy and strong skin cells are the building blocks of healthy skin. With Exo 17V, the skin is much more resilient to adverse outside factors.
  • Boost natural healing – tired skin cannot be as effective when it comes to would healing or healing of scarred tissues (particularly acne scars). This skinbooster and the exsosomes in it will alleviate this problem.

In addition, Exo 17V exsosome skinbooster contains Hyaluronic acid, which directly and quickly improves skin moisturization, and Polynucleotides, that are also a powerful booster to the fibroblasts, but also deal with problem like skin tone and melanin hyperproduction.

To round the meso cocktail ingredient list further, powerful peptides will support the main ingredients, as they revitalize and heal the skin, provide the necessary nutrition and strength to skin cells, resulting in a younger, stronger and healthier skin, with much better elasticity and smoother texture. And all of this Exo 17V achieves with simple topical application.

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