Dermaheal, as a brand is primarily associated with their very extensive mesotherapy line. However, Caregen, it’s makers, renowned for their filler products, have gone the extra length to create one of the most comprehensive and wholesome skin care product lines on the market. The Dermaheal range allows cosmeticians, dermatologists and home users to do much more than just adequately take care of their (patients’) skin, using the power of various growth factors, biomimetic peptides, vitamins, amino acids, Hyaluronic acid (Dermaheal HSR) and much more. With Dermaheal products a noticeable and powerful rejuvenation of the skin, hair and body is not only achievable, but  guaranteed, in only a matter of weeks of product usage/application.

Dermaheal – synonymous with mesotherapy

Of course, most customers, when hearing the name Dermaheal think of mesotherapy. This is, after all, the most well-known brand of Korean meso products. And for good measure – the quality Caregen provide to customers is unparalleled. With this beauty line, complete and thorough skin rejuvenation is possible, as well as slowing down the natural aging processes of the skin or reversing premature skin aging which is the result of harmful environmental include like sun exposure, pollution.

Dermaheal mesotherapy products like SR or HRS offer a complex of valuable nutrients and vitamins, which can truly reinvigorate the patient’s skin, having an immediate effect for problems such as delicate wrinkles, but also improving hydration and long-term moisture levels of the skin. With these meso products it’s possible to restore the skin tone and improve its brightness, but also stop hair loss (Dermaheal HL), deal with bags under the eyes or lighten and remove the dark circles typical for lack of sleep and chronic fatigue.

Dermaheal cosmetics – full of beautiful surprises

But mesotherapy is just the tip of the Dermaheal “iceberg”. The entire line includes:

  • Mesotherapy treatment sets
  • Mesotherapy for specific facial zones
  • Lipolysis products
  • Cosmetics – face masks, toners, various beauty lines

It is one of the more extensive skin and body care product lines in the beauty industry, taking care of anything from fat removal to anti-age therapy and in-between.

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