Skinboosters are one of the most competitive market segments of the aesthetics and beauty industry. However, the Jalpro brand sticks out among the competition and is the preferred choice of beauty specialists, dermatologists and mesotherapy users all over the world. Few items on the market can get even close to the remarkable skin boosting properties of each dermal biorevitaliser of this brand.

One of the older brands on the market is takes full benefit of high quality and high-end Swiss manufacturing and meticulous product development process and each entry in the Jalupro brand is a premium graded skin treatment, Hyaluronic acid-based solution for wrinkle and line removal. A proven player on the beauty market, the whole range of skin revitalizing and boosting items will provide users with long term skin hydration, smoothness and overall texture and tone improvement.

Jalupro products, be they the Classic, HMW or Super Hydro, offer a wholesome solution to skin aging problems, including sagging, loss of volume and, especially, overall dryness. Rather than addressing a single dermal issue, each of the facial solutions provides dermatologists with a holistic approach to perform highly effective anti-age therapy of the regardless if addressing age or environmental induces wrinkles. These HA products are intended to boost the skin’s overall condition in a natural way and the core philosophy of Jalupro products is to provide a naturally based way to achieve long term skin rejuvenating effect.

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When setting out to purchase from this brand, consider that there are three main entries used to address a wide range of dermal problems with boost of hydration and improved ability of the skin to retain moisture being the primary, but not only focus. At the heart of each entry is a Hyaluronic acid based anti-age therapy but Jalupro injections are versatile enough and can even be used in synergy for a more effective way of achieving dermal rejuvenation.

  • Jalupro (Classic) – a very powerful dermal biorevitaliser, each box contains a couple of vials of Sodium Hyaluronate solutions and two vials of specially selected amino-acids (Glycine, L-Proline, L-Leucine, L-Lysine). When correctly combined amino-acids are known to vastly amplify the skin boosting effect of Hyaluronic acid. Jalupro is great to use against external factor caused skin aging – photo aging, damage post peeling or various laser and radiofrequency forms of dermal treatment. It really shines as a method to reverse any immediate skin procedure effects and quickly restore skin texture and tone. Also good for stretchmarks removal.
  • Jalupro HMW – it somewhat blurs the line between skinboosters and very soft fillers. This HA based dermal solution intended not only to revitalize the skin, but also deal aways with some forms of wrinkle and skin line related loss of volume, even some deeper instances of such. Each pack contains a vial of aminoacids and a syringe of Hyaluronic gel. The latter effectively can fill shallow to deep skin wrinkles, while the former will boost the HA effect and add some valuable nutrients to the skin. A long-term solution, specifically tailored for people suffering from very dry and malnourished facial skin. This Jalupro injection can be used for the face, neck, décolleté and hands areas and works great with the base “Classic” product.
  • Jalupro Super Hydro – a pure anti-age therapy focused product, trough and through. A mix of Sodium Hyaluronate, amino-acids and biopeptides, this is a deep and thorough product for skin biorevitalization and boost. To amplify the youth restoring effect, it mixes high and low molecular weight HA and provides a visible lifting effect post procedure, over time, by improving the stability and strengths of the supportive tissues if the skin. It has an immediate filling effect for wrinkles, but what is more important, the Super Hydro vastly boosts the synthesis of collagen in the skin, thus not only removing wrinkles and lines, smoothing out the overall dermal surface texture, but also improving the skin’s natural self-healing and self-restoring properties.

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Jalupro offers a different approach to dealing with the signs of aging or revitalizing tires, damaged and/or stressed skin. Unlike dermal fillers which are mostly focused on the immediate effect, the instant volumization of visible facial lines, the Classic, HMW and  Super Hydro can be viewed as a more long term solutions. These are products based on addressing the core issue, which causes wrinkle formation and loss of volume. Introducing a combination of amino-acids and Hyaluronic acid to the skin (and in Super Hydro’s case – peptides), they care for the lasting improvement of skin health, beyond the immediate post anti-age treatment volumization, lifting effect or hydration. This is not a lip filler, where goal is achieved with the end of the procedure, but rather a whole process of dermal rejuvenation.

As opposed to many anti-wrinkle solutions on the market, the Jalupro line was developed with the thought of not only to achieve quick and noticeable skinboosting effect but very long term biorevitalization, which will maintain the restored youthful appearance, keep the smooth texture and soft touch and the overall brighter facial tone.

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