Few of the Korean brands of Hyaluronic acid gel for wrinkle treatment and facial contouring can go toe-to-toe with the premium European and American brands. However, a box of Rejeunesse filler contains as much quality inside, as a package of Juvederm or Revanesse, but for only a fraction of the price. Not many other options for anti wrinkle treatment area available that offer such an immense bargain in terms of premium quality in a budget price bracket. Safe and reliable, Rejeunesse is by far one of the most recognizable and proven brands of filler gel on the market.

Rejeunesse fillers with hyaluronic acid

Like the majority of filler products on the market, this is a gel like solution, based on Sodium Hyaluronate (the salt of HA), meant to fill our and smooth wrinkles of the skin’s soft tissue, as well as be used for overall augmentation and enhancement of the facial features. Usage can be part of anti aging treatment or a beauty procedure (e. g. with Rejeunesse lip filler), but also to correct visible feature imperfections and improve overall facial symmetry and contour.

Hyaluronic acid is a preferred base for most skin fillers for good reason (as well as a beauty industry sweetheart, in general). Not only is it found in the human body, meaning it will not be rejected by the body and the filler gel made from it is fully bio-degradable, but it’s capability of retaining hundreds of times its own weight in water makes it a versatile foundation for any skin product. Apart from the immediate volumizing effect that dermal fillers have, they also help long term with skin rejuvenation and hydration, as the HA in the gel will be absorbed by the skin, as it dissolves.

Rejeunesse Fillers for Lips and Face

The brands cover all the basics with HA based filler solution going from mesotherapy all the way to usage for facial contouring. These products are as follows:

  • Rejeunesse Sparkle – a Hyaluronic based skinbooster, which vastly improves the moisture levels of the skin and helps to restore it’s elasticity and smooth texture
  • Rejeunesse Fine – this is a soft tissue filler which is primarily used for very delicate wrinkle removal. Excellent for under the eye application, Crows’ feet treatment and dealing away with less noticeable glabellar lines. Can be used for lips, too.
  • Rejeunese Deep – this is the most popular dermal product of the brand. The Rejeunesse Deep filler doubles as a lip solution and as a deep anti wrinkle It is excellent for both volumizing the lips and for adding volume to areas where the skin depressions are moderately to very deep and visible.
  • Rejeunesse Shape – as the name would suggest it, this is a contouring filler, first and foremost. Adding contour to the jawline and facial oval, shaping the chin and the cheekbones or even performing minor rhinoplasty on the nose bridge – this is where Shape truly shines. However, the filler gel, on the basis of its density (and high quality) is a preferred solution for restoring skin volume in the most severe instances, in areas like the cheeks or very deep nasolabial folds.

This brand is known for it’s meticulous manufacturing process, using only highest quality, non-animal in origin, Hyaluronic acid, to produce high end and durable HA gel, with guaranteed lasting effect. While Shape deals mostly with the immediate skin hydration, the rest of the products have extensive durability. Fine will smooth our wrinkles for up to 7-8 months. The deep Rejeunesse filler for lips and medium wrinkles will do its magic in the 9–12-month range. And, finally, Shape offers enhanced contouring and volumization for up to and year and half.

While Sparcle comes in double 2.5 ml packs of HA skinbooster solutions, the standard box of filler Rejeunesse is offering includes 1.1 ml of dermal gel. These products all come ready to be used out of the box, no extra equipment or devices required.

Rejeunesse products are perfectly safe for most people due to HA’s properties. Bar any specific allergies, like Lidocaine or Hyaluronic intolerance, which the using dermatologist or licensed practitioner should determine in advance, no serious side effects can be expected. With a minimum down time and nearly instant results of skin changes (for the better) this dermal gel brand is a prime example of why fillers have virtually phased out traditional plastic surgery from many aspects of anti wrinkle treatment and facial feature enhancement.

Need to know more?

Reach out to us today and inquire about Rejeunesse of any other brand of skinbooster or filler products. We are always happy to provide our customers with detailed information about all skin solutions, including best intended application, ingredient list and more, as well as special offers, discounts and wholesale pricing that we can give for extra-large orders.

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