There is no other class of beauty or aesthetics solutions quite like mesotherapy items. The meso procedures themselves vary greatly and cloud cover anything from skin rejuvenation and anti-age therapy to fat reduction using mesotherapy injections. Meso treatment can be applied to the face, hair (scalp), stomach or any other part of the body to address a variety of skin and/or age-related issues.

It’s a difficult set of solutions to wrap your head around and even something as the mesotherapy for face product subcategory, along, has more offerings on the market than any other beauty item segment you could find. Dedicating the necessary time to read about all meso products which might or might not be the right choice for your specific needs. From hair treatment to lipolytic injections or tightening the skin of the stomach, the number of choices is dauntingly vast. So, what to do when you want to…

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It’s not feasibly possible, even for a professional dermatologist or cosmetologist to know all the solutions for direct usage or to be utilized via mesotherapy machines, let alone pick what is best (especially for a first try). Instead, some general and basic knowledge of the various types of skin treatment procedures and respective products is required, before jumping into buying mesotherapy hair treatment solutions or some sort of mesotherapy for face rejuvenation.

So, what is mesotherapy?

This is a broad form of skin related form of treatment which can be done in multiple ways, but mostly involves the application of a specialized product either using a beauty machine or topically, but certain forms of mesotherapy serum can also be applied intradermally (e.g. lipolytic injections). The method of usage varies vastly and dependent to a large extent on several factors:

  • The area of treatment (face, scalp, body)
  • Ingredient of the product (Hyaluronic acid, peptides, nutrients, growth factors, other). It’s worth noting this is directly corelated to the next point.
  • Form of meso treatment – skin rejuvenation, skin tightening (both face and stomach), fat removal, hair growth stimulation.

When setting out (or online) to find the best product for meso buy with the consideration of all of the above. Will the product be used topically (massage, derma roller)? Or perhaps with a beauty machine – certain products are specifically tailored to be compatible for mesotherapy performed with RF, Hifu or even IPL cosmetic machines, which help the skin to absorb the product much more effectively, amplifying the basic rejuvenating effect of the specific tool.

Ingredients are also key. Hyaluronic acid mesotherapy would probably do wonders for the skin hydration or even against wrinkles, but it will not be enough for malnourished and tired skin and it will definitely do nothing for fat reduction. The ingredients determine the application of the product and the treatment requires the specific components – mesolipo procedures will involve a lipolytic agent be applied to the skin, while anti-age therapy will often involve applying a whole cocktail of nutrients, amino-acids and other important components (including Hyaluronic acid) to be introduced into the dermis, for a proper effect to take place.

Mesotherapy Injections – My Lip Filler

Considering all of the above mesotherapy solutions can be roughly divided into several main categories:

  • Wrinkle removal – products, most often focused on mesotherapy for face, to smooth out superficial wrinkles and skin lines. Best used for the most delicate skin depressions, where fillers are not applicable.
  • Skin rejuvenation/anti-age therapy – related to the above group, often solutions combined the two effects. However, such a meso product focuses on the overall skin condition, not so much wrinkles, specifically. Malnourishment, sagging, loss of elasticity, lack of hydration. Here wrinkle removal is an after effect, not the main goal.
  • Skin tone treatment – addressing problems related to loss of skin tone or the opposite – hyperpigmentation. There is a special set of meso products, usually peptide based, which can be applied topically or intradermally to bring back the natural tone of the skin or to block melatonin hyperproduction.
  • Hair loss prevention – while shampoos and hair masks mainly treat the hair itself, mesotherapy hair procedures help the scalp directly, by stimulating the follicle and improving the blood circulation of the skin. Ideally, this not only stops, but reverses the hair loss process.
  • Fat removal – there are various lipolytic products on the market, which utilize different active ingredients to achieve the same goal – safely dissolve fat cells. Normally applied to the fat deposits of the subcutaneous skin layer, these products are a safe method to deal away with unwanted fat in the neck, abdomen or thigh areas. While there are lipolytic injections, by far the safest and most effective method is IPL/HIFU treatment, combined with a lipo solutuion.

Helping you navigate through the plethora of mesotherapy product options on the market is the main goal of our team. We have tailored a catalog of skin, hair and lipo products for you to choose. From topical skin application to usage with professional beauty machines and from basic Hyaluronic acid-based products for skin hydration to complex peptide-based cocktails for advanced anti-age mesotherapy.

Brands of mesotherapy injectables

But that is not all. All our potential or returning customers are welcome to contact us directly and inquire in detail about any and all meso products – ingredients, method of usage, recommended use cases. Our catalog includes an extensive selection of premiusm brands like Dermaheal, Gana, Aquashine, RRS and Jalupro. We’re happy to provide the necessary information to both people considering meso treatment and professional dermatologists and cosmetologists looking to expand their service portfolio with mesotherapy for face, neck, hands and body. You are always welcome to use one of the multiple contact methods provided to get in touch and inquire about any mesotherapy item listed in our catalog.

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