Thick Fillers

Thick dermal fillers are meant for dealing with more severe forms of wrinkles or folds. Their large grain size does not make them particularly useful for hiding fine lines and they’re not particularly useful in areas like the mouth, where the muscles contract a lot and move in all directions. However, unlike soft fillers, hard fillers the excellent solution to dealing with deep skin depressions. These Hyaluronic Acid products are invaluable when it comes to hiding deep facial lines or removing severe wrinkles or skin folds.

Thick fillers, just like any other type of filler are injectable gel, based on Hyaluronic Acid. They are completely biocompatible and degrade over time in the body, being dissolved naturally by the enzymes. Their harder properties and lower flowability, make them invaluable in facial sculpting as well. In  order to achieve natural looking results when sculpting facial features, using a soft dermal will not allow for natural results.

Injecting a thick skin filler in an area like the cheeks or the chin, allows to shape and contour that area, successfully augmenting it and giving satisfactory results to the patient. A harder filler with large grain size will ensure stable results, properly accenting on the desired facial feature, while the gel itself will remain seated into the injected area, and even more importantly – retaining the shape that was desired.

The treatment of deep wrinkles and severe folds, as well as pronounced skin lines, as well as facial contouring, are perhaps the most demanding in terms of skill from the doctor that applies the filler. Placing the gel properly is difficult enough, but proper shaping and sculpting requires an even more advanced level of skill of injecting the HA filler.

Deep Wrinkle Fillers

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Treatment Areas

Due to their physical properties, thick fillers are a lot “harder” than, say, lip fillers. This makes them quite useful for specific cosmic procedures, which have traditionally been the sole domain of plastic surgery. Hard fillers can be injected into the nose area for Rhinoplasty. They can be utilized to sculpt the features of the jawline or augment the chin and the cheeks/cheekbones.

The other primary function of dermal fillers with large grain size is to deal with very deep wrinkles and lines, like severe lines on the forehead or marionette lines. Additionally, thick HA gel can be injected to remove large skin folds or to deal with deep skin depressions on the face.

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Injection Area

Injection Procedure

One of the main draws of derma fillers is how easy and with how little discomfort the injection procedure is. The patient can continue with their daily plants immediately after injection. Downtime is not required, the procedure is non-surgical and side effects are from none to minimal – redness, swelling, bruising and extra sensitivity, but only in the injected area and the subside relatively quickly.

Note that fillers should always be injected by a trained doctor, in order to ensure satisfactory and safe results. Dermal fillers are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as patients which are allergic to any of the ingredients. The procedure itself, normally, lasts for a mere 20 to 30 minutes.