As far as Hyaluronic acid-based gel for facial rejuvenation and feature enhancement goes, in regard to Korean products, the Revolax filler is by far the most recognizable item and name on the market. Doing the seemingly impossible, this brand managed to disrupt the monopoly of European and American brands and make its way to dermatologists, clinics and cosmetic medspas all over the planet. A cost conscious alternative, the trio of Revolax Fine, Revolax Deep and Revolax Sub Q more than matches the quality and durability of the, historically, more famous Western brands for only a fraction of the price. For the first time, customers have a budget-oriented option to buy, which more than matches the quality of the beauty industry heavyweight brands like Stylage, Juvederm or Teosyal.

While quality of the filler or the prolonged effect should be the focus of any review, the Revolax lip filler price (and that of the wrinkle and contour filler) are just something that must not be set for a later discussion. Arguably no other brand, or at least very few, can provide such quality improvement of derma volume and texture, let alone face features, match the Euro brand quality 100% yet completely blow away the competition in the price department. For many years, getting a proper high quality HA filler was synonymous with a hefty cost, but now My Lip Filler is proud to have the Revolax beauty item line included in our wholesale product portfolio.

REVOLAX Dermal Filler – Deep, Fine, Sub-Q

There are three main entries in the filler line, each distinctly addressing various skin related issues and offering the respective corrections, rejuvenation and or enhancement:

  • Revolax Fine – this is the softest Hyaluronic solution, which naturally is applied to deal away with superficial wrinkles. Targeting the superficial dermis, the Revolax Fine filler is an effective method for improving and completely removing surface skin lines and areal face skin issues like worry lines, Crow’s feet. “Fine” is also an excellent filler for forehead and glabellar line treatment and will be effective for neck wrinkle treatment, as well.
  • Revolax Deep – mid to deep wrinkles filler gel and one of the best lip fillers on the market. Most popularly used for adding volume and contour to the lips, Deep is a highly effective method for lip augmentation providing full, plump and beautiful lips, while retaining the all-natural look of the face – no Revolax lip filler lumps post usage! As an HA gel of medium thickness, it is also very useful when addressing problems like deeper skin depressions, especially nasolabial folds. Further, this Hyaluronic gel can be used for chin and nose touchups.
  • Revolax SubQ – following the standard pattern of Korean fillers, the third and final entry, the Revolax Sub Q is a thick contouring gel, based on Hyaluronic acid, which can equally well fill severely deep skin folds, but also restore loss of volume in the cheeks and even augment facial features like the cheekbones and the chin.

Revolax Deep lip filler

…is naturally the most popular brand entry here, but one of the main advantages of the Revolax brand is that lips and check, wrinkles and skin lines, facial oval and cheekbones – all improvements can be done with the appropriate filler. Choose Revolax Fine, Revolax Deep or Revolax Sub Q, based on the concrete use case and it will not disappoint.

All three offerings from the Revolax brand of Hyaluronic fillers are characterized by their high quality and durability. The HA gel has monophasic structure and is cross-linked using a specially developed method, with no BDDA cross-linking agent residue. Completely safe and 100% sterile, it has a more stable structure, better viscoelasticity and more prolonged effect as compared to almost all other filler names sold on the market. Fine offers anywhere between 9 and 12 months of wrinkles free experience and skin rejuvenation, while both Deep and SubQ are advertised to benefit the skin, lips and/or facial features from 12 to 18 months. And while filler durability is something relative, these are some of the most durable lips and cheeks fillers on the market and a first choice for anybody in the search of “Revolax filler near me” (which is always closest online).

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