One of the more recognizable brands of Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to come from Korea, the Revolax line is used to cater to various aesthetic needs and skin concerns. Characterized by being manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and utilizing advanced manufacturing process, this product rage allows for effective skin treatment, anti-age therapy and facial augmentation.

The overall application of the Revolax fillers is anything from dealing with modest to severe skin volume loss in a variety of areas of the face, to more specific purposes like increasing the lip volume or shaping the contour of facial features and the overall facial oval.

This is one of the highest quality filler brands to come from Korea and it’s guaranteed to deliver safe and lasting results. Since Revolax is manufacture from non-animal in origin Hyaluronic acid, it’s the perfect solution for patients with specific allergies or sensitivities. Further, all entries of the brand contain a minimal amount of Lidocaine, which ensures that the injection procedure is completely pain free and comfortable for the patient.

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