Dermalax is part of the elite in terms of quality, when talking about dermal fillers. One of the definitive brands of Korean Hyaluronic acid injectables, these fillers provide the absolute prime quality that professionals like dermatologists (and their patients) are looking for. With Dermalax it’s possible to make a variety of corrections in a multitude of facial zones, ranging from delicate procedures for Crow’s feet removal to more invasive options like mild rhinoplasty, as an alternative to plastic surgery.

Dermalax Hyaluronic acid gel – the filler product line

Dermalax Plus – this is a soft HA filler. Its primary focus is to take care of very delicate skin lines and wrinkles like Crow’s Feet. Can be injected to hide glabellar lines, not very deep nasolabial folds and is even appropriate for injection into the soft part of the ear.

Dermalax Deep / Dermalax Deep Plus – probably most often used as a lip filler, this product is one of the highest quality injectable solutions for lip augmentation, lip volume improvement and lip contouring. It can also be used to deal with moderately deep skin folds.

Dermalax Implant Plus – unlike the other products of the brand, these are available in double packs, only. Hands down, one of the best HA fillers for deep to severe skin folds, a preferred choice for injection into very deep nasolabial folds. Also widely used for facial feature sculpting, mild forms of rhinoplasty and as a filler for cheek volume restoration.

The “Plus” in the name of the products indicates that they contain lidocaine. Over the years, Across has pushed non-Lidocaine products out of their range, with the exception of Dermalax Deep.

Why are Dermalax fillers popular among clients worldwide?

It comes down to quality of the Hyaluronic acid gel, really. European fillers are considered to be the benchmark of quality, but Korean alternatives like Dermalax offer similar (and even better in some cases) quality for only a fraction of the price. Dermalax HA fillers provide anywhere between 8 and 18 months of facial augmentation and anti-age effect.

One of the safer brands to use, it’s based on non-animal in originl Hyaluronic acid and the gel is sterilized as part of the meticulous manufacturing process. This guarantees that when using something like the Dermalax Deep Plus filler will have minimal side effects and post procedure adverse reaction by the body, as HA is natural (and actually vital) to the human body and its skin. Biocompatibility of the filler is vital, especially when applying the gel deep into the dermis to treat wrinkles, contour lip lines or restore volume in facial areas with sever loss of such.

The latter is double important for aesthetic procedures where contouring and augmenting of features like the jawline and cheekbones is involved. As desnse gel with higher molecular weight, like the Dermalax Implant Plus filler, is normally applied in the subcutaneous skin layers, it is paramount to ensure that this Hyaluronic acid gel will safely dissolve. Especially if the filler is longer lasting, as is characteristic for Dermalax products, in general (most notably the Implant). Fortunately, this HA brand is renkowned as being the result of an ardeous and long development process, with years of lab and live testing, so the gel rejection or any particularly strong reactions post procedure are beyond rare.

Dermalax Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

With a saturated market such as the dermal filler one, its can be quite a challenge to pick a brand for a facial enahcement procedure. So why chose Dermalax?

  • Safety – as noted above, this is one of the brands with the lowest rate of post procedure skin problems or overall Hyaluronic acid gel rejection from the body.
  • Natural look – whether using Dermalax Deep for prettier lips or the regular Plus to treat wrinkles, you can be sure that the end result will be completely indistiguishable. Even the Implant will make your facial features look “yours”
  • Enduring results – getitng a “natural” look is only half the quation. For best results, the filler, regardless if applied superficially, deep or at the subq skin layer, it must also be lasting. Dermalax comes with a guarnatee for months, or even overn an year of thorough look rejuvenation.

One easy way to descripbe this brand of Hyaluronic based gel skin enhacement products is “safe bet”. If you desire quality, reliability and noticeable, but not “obvious” improvement of your facial features (like augmentations with the Dermalax lip filler) or removal of wrinkles, then this offer from Korea is just the correct choice for you. Good price and excellent results for a thorough facial boost are now possible with Dermalax.

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