Soft Dermal Fillers

Soft fillers are the variation of injectable Hyaluronic Acid gel products, which are purposed for the removal of shallow skin lines and wrinkles. Their properties are characterized by the small grain size and them being relatively less thick.

There is a certain overlapping between soft and lip fillers as generally lip fillers are softer, by definition, and usually good soft fillers are appropriate for lip enhancement even if not specifically marketed as “lip fillers”.  Soft fillers usually combine their effect with skin rejuvenation and have powerful hydrating properties. It's possible to brand one a "superficial lip filler". They are an excellent solution to bringing back the youthful look of the skin and restoring the natural volume.

Soft fillers are specially made to give natural results, in other words to make it as if the injected gel is actually natural muscle tissues under the skin. One of the main considerations when choosing a soft filler is how stable its structure it is. Good dermal fillers are very stable, meaning that once properly injected it is to remain in the area where place, without any noticeable deformation or “leaking” to other areas. This ensures that wrinkles and lines are naturally “hidden” without disproportionate deposits of fillers forming underneath the skin.

Soft dermal fillers are not thick enough to be used for proper facial sculpting, but they truly shine when applied to more delicate tasks. Very fine lines and superficial wrinkles cannot be treated with a hard filler, with large grain size. But it's a great option for something like tear trough filler for wrinkles. It is hardly a surprise that a lot of the brands opt to name their equivalent HA filler “Fine” (“Soft” being the other popular name of choice).

It is necessary for the patient to consult with their plastic surgeon to properly determine the right soft filler to use depending on the area which will be injected, but also taking into consideration additional, not last of which is the actual preferred of the patient and the result that they want.

Fine Line Fillers

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Treatment Areas

Soft dermal fillers are most effective when utilized in the removal of fine lines or superficial wrinkles. They can be effective in the removal of Crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes, as well as treating tear troughs and removing eye bags. It is an excellent solution for hiding moderately deep glabellar lines, as well. Soft fillers are also used for earlobe augmentation.

Such Hyaluronic Acid filers can usually also be used for lip enhancement, even if not specifically branded as “lip fillers”, as a good soft filler has all necessary characteristics to be injected in the lips. A soft filler is usually placed to remove marionette lines, as well.

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Soft Dermal Fillers

Injection Procedure

Dermal fillers should always be injected by a licensed medical specialists, who, additionally, has the necessary training to handle HA fillers. The procedure is very safe, but patients should take care to check if they are not allergic to any of the filler ingredients. It is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers to have  filler injections.

Injecting the Hyaluronic Acid gel is quite simple and the entire procedure is from 20 to 30 minutes, requiring no downtime. The patient can immediately go on with their daily schedule. The effects can be noticed right away, after injection. Pain and discomfort are minimal, especially with Lidocaine fillers, and side effects are limited to minor discomfort like redness, swelling and sensitivity which pass quickly.