Value against quality is one of the biggest issues when it comes to Hyaluronic acid gel and especially regarding Korean fillers which seems to almost completely saturate the beauty market, yet remain in the shadow of the more recognizable and, arguably, more established and proven European and North American brands. The fact is, that only a fraction of all the brands coming from the Asian country are truly worth considering when compared to their western counterparts and only a handful HA acid gel from Korea is up to par with their quality.  This presents a conundrum for potential buyers eyeing a Bonetta volume filler. Should they take the chance? The short answer is “yes” as the Bonetta brand of face and lip filler products leaves nothing to chance.

It is a difficult task to go toe-to-toe with the European and American behemoth brands of Hyaluronic fillers and offer the same quality of facial enhancement for only a small fraction of the price. And offer all that in a double package, meaning a whole facial procedure can be done with one or two boxes. For example, a pack of Bonetta Filler Deep will suffice to augment both the lips and treat deep nasolabial folds or help with significant loss of skin volume in the form of marionette lines. This adds a layer of convenience on top of quality and affordability and the Bonetta brand Hyaluronic gel is hand down one of the best wholesome solutions for dermatologists and licensed beauty professionals.

Bonetta Deep Hyaluronic Acid Gel

But let’s begin with the actual product quality. Similarly, to the standard products on the market, and especially Korean fillers, the Bonetta line is based on Hyaluronic acid. The concentration of the HA per ml is 24mg, similar to the premium Korean brands. This is valid of each entry of the series – Fine, Deep and Volume. Higher concentration of Sodium Hyaluronate solution means a more resilient acid gel, which will endure the natural dissolvement in the skin, prolonging the volumizing effect significantly. It also means, that a larger amount of HA will be released into the skin, as the gel dissipates and the dermis will assimilate even more Hyaluronic salt through the gel. It’s worth noting, the wile the immediate effect of products like Bonetta Filler is to restore or improve facial areas with skin volume loss or lack of such, they provide long term benefits of for the overall skin condition in the area they are applied. But why?

Benefits of Bonetta Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is in fact a natural substance, that occurs in plants, animals and, of course, humans. To put it simply, it is vital to the natural hydration processes inside the dermis. The retention of skin moisture depends largely on the presence of enough HA in it. This is because Hyaluronic molecules can act as a sort of a “magnet” for H20 molecules. HA can absorb up to several hundred times its own weight in water. From a practical perspective, this makes acid gel based on it ideal, as only a small amount of Sodium Hyaluronate (it’s salt) will suffice to create a large amount of volumizing gel without the need to add many (or any at all) additional agents. And once the body dissolves the filler, the Hyaluronate is released and absorbed into the skin, helping it to regain higher levels of moisturization, directly affecting skin tone, texture, overall smoothness. Thus, even the thicker options of Bonetta Filler, which are primarily focused at volume improvement in the mid face area and/or contour, will still have a direct skin rejuvenating effect.

Bonetta Filler Product Line

This brand covers all the basics necessary and provides the dermatologists and other experts using Korean fillers with the necessary tools to deal with anything from surface skin wrinkles, through augmenting various parts of the mid face, to restoring the most severe cases of skin volume loss, like the cheeks or touching up the facial oval. Bonetta comes in three distinct “flavors”:

  • Bonetta Filler Fine – as the name would imply, this is the softest HA gel of Bonetta. “Fine” is the standard indication of Korean filler products, for the treatment of superficial wrinkles and lines. Bonetta Fine is characterized by relatively low density of the gel and is specifically tailored to fill very shallow areas of skin depression. Making the Hyaluronic acid gel soft allows for more precise application in very small areas of the skin. The wrinkles and skin lines are filled in a naturally looking way and the risk of forming visible bumps is minimal. Shallow glabellar lines, first stages of marionette lines, Crow’s feet and restoration of volume in the area under the eyes – this is where the Fine truly shines.
  • Bonetta Filler Deep – a thicker iteration of the brand, this Hyaluronic acid gel can be viewed either as the Bonetta lip filler or, in terms of broader application, as a general, medium thickness mid face filler. Probably most popular as a an affordable, yet high quality filler for adding volume, contour and overall lip enhancement, the Deep is highly effective in “filling” nasolabial folds and marionette lines of medium to notable skin depth. Volumization is immediate and the augmentation effect is noticeably longer lasting than Korean filler Application also includes edge cases like minor nose corrections (rhinoplasty).
  • Bonetta Filler Volume – dense and stable, this is the contouring filler of the trio. Specifically developed to help with the most severe cases of skin volume loss, in the face area and a go-to solution for improving and even completely regaining lost cheek volume. Additionally, Bonetta Volume will work well for severe forms of nasolabial folds. As a tool for facial feature improvement, this thick Hyaluronic acid gel can be used to contour the facial oval, particularly the jawline. Augmenting the chin, nose and cheekbones is also very effective and lasting. Certain very pronounced instances of glabellar lines can also be treated with Volume, but this is determined on individual basis.

How does Bonetta Volume work?

Each type of filler is applied at a different depth. Fine is used to treat the superficial layers, the Deep is intended for usage in the mid-to-deep dermis, while the Volume is applied very deep into the subcutaneous (SubQ) skin layers. Naturally, specifical usage and the best Bonetta Filler to use is determined by the dermatologist or other beauty expert using the product. A preliminary assessment of the skin of the patient is standard procedure.

The standard procedure of treatment with Bonetta lip fillers or wrinkle or contour Hyaluronic gel last a mere 20 to 30 minutes. Volume improvement effect can be observed immediately post procedure. Durability is strictly individua for each person, but the Fine is expected to offer up to 9 months of skin smoothing, Deep – 12-16 months of mid dermis volumization, while the Volume can improve facial contour and features up to 18 months.

Checking for possible intolerance to any of the ingredients and following the normal usage protocol is mandatory. However, bar any strictly individual issues, no strong adverse effects are to be expected and this is one of the safest brands among Korean fillers.

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