Dermaheal Stem C’rum SR (5 x 5ml)


Dermaheal Stem C’rum SR can be considered the advanced version of the standard SR mesotherapy solution from Caregen. Merging the powerful skin rejuvenating effects of peptides and combining them with the potent healing and revitalizing properties of a stem cell extract, this meso product will address a wide spectrum of skin problems once applied. From wrinkles to skin dryness, quick to achieve, but long to stay results are guaranteed with this skin restoring mesotherapy.

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Caregen are the unquestioned leaders in Korea, when it comes to making highly effective mesotherapy products. Their line of solutions covers virtually any form of meso treatment. However, the Stem C’rum products are different. Based on adipose-derived stem cell extract, they are much more potent than most meso solutions in the task of significantly improving the overall skin condition.

Dermaheal Stem C’rum SR – The Effects

After a full treatment course (recommended dosage is one vial per session, once a week) the patient will notice substantial improvement in the overall skin condition, including significant improval in the skin’s capability to retain itself moisturized. This helps with both age and environmental, but also lifestyle and stress related dryness of the skin. A proven increase of skin collagen production is also to be see, just two sessions into the course of treatment.

The pepteides of the Dermaheal Stem C’rum SR (sh-Oligopeptide-1, sh-Oligopeptide-2, sh-Polypeptide-1, sh-Polypeptide-2, sh-Polypeptide-5, sh-Polypeptide-11), address various harmful factors affecting the skin and provide excellent results in boosting the natural revitalizing properties of the skin, working in synergy with the stem cell extract.

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Disclaimer: Always read the detailed ingredients list on the back of the box or inside the included booklet. Be sure to read the included leaflet in regard to intended usage, proper application, safety procedures and, if applicable, possible counter indications and/or adverse effects. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients (certain products contain Lidocaine).