Optivisc M (1 x 2ml)


People suffering from knee osteoarthritis now get the amazing chance to leave some of the most annoying OA symptoms behind their back. That is possible thanks to a new, top-rated viscosupplement called Optivisc M. Now available on My Lip Filler’s online store at an exclusive price, this superior product serves as an exogenous Hyaluronic Acid source. Because of that, it provides durable protection of the joints, reduces pain, inflammations and greatly improves mobility.

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  • Key active ingredient: non-animal Hyaluronic Acid (40mg/ml)
  • In the package: 1 x 2ml single-use prefilled syringe
  • Other ingredients: 0.5% Mannitol
  • Durability: up to 6 months

Main indications of Optivisc M

This excellent quality medical product is particularly suitable for patients suffering from mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis. Also known as OA, this condition is characterized by various functional impairments, joint pain, cracking, swelling, stiffness and even with increasingly limited mobility in the articulator area. Optivisc M is a three-injection viscosupplement that can improve the condition and eliminate or, at the very least, reduce many of the above-listed symptoms for up to half a year. The company that produces it, Biotech Healthcare Group, promotes it mainly as a minimally-invasive therapy for knee osteoarthritis. This is due to the fact that the risk-free Hyaluronic Acid which it contains effectively lubricates, protects and soothes knee joints.

What does the treatment involve?

This is one of the fastest, safest and most effective OA therapies in existence today. It does not require scalpels, extensive recovery time and it is practically pain-free. The product is simply injected into the joints and there, the purified HA in it forms a new protective layer that swiftly minimizes joint pain and improves shock-absorption. The Hyaluronic Acid in this supplement gradually dissolves which is why patients will need to undergo repeat treatments every 6 months to prolong its effects.

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Disclaimer: Always read the detailed ingredients list on the back of the box or inside the included booklet. Be sure to read the included leaflet in regard to intended usage, proper application, safety procedures and, if applicable, possible counter indications and/or adverse effects. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients (certain products contain Lidocaine).