Optivisc Plus (1 x 2 ml)


Optivisc Plus is part of Biotech Healthcare Group’s first-class orthopedics product range. This premium-quality medical device is designed as an HA-based viscosupplement for knee osteoarthritis. It delivers patients with extra comfort through a non-surgical three-injection procedure by offering rapid pain relief and significantly improving knee joint mobility. Part of My Lip Filler’s impressive product catalog, this optimized Hyaluronic Acid injectable supplement offers guaranteed patient satisfaction.

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Specifications and features

  • Hyaluronic Acid: 40mg/2ml with a PH of 7.2 and a molecular weight of 4.2 – 4.5 Mio Dalton
  • Recommended cannula size: 18G – 25G
  • Injection site: intra-articular (in the knee)
  • Effects longevity: up to half a year

Optivisc Plus is a remarkably easy-to-use medical device. It is sold in a disposable pre-filled syringe allowing medical practitioners to quickly provide their patients with a hassle-free OA therapy. The Hyaluronic Acid in its formula has been derived through a process known as biofermantation. Thus, this product is of a non-animal origin which considerably reduces the risk of adverse effects as it makes it completely biocompatible. In fact, HA is a substance that can be found in our bodies so it is not likely to lead to allergies.

Symptoms which Optivisc Plus effectively treats

The greatest advantage of this patient-friendly viscosupplement is that it offers a comprehensive osteoarthritis treatment. That is because it addresses a wide range of classic OA symptoms by:

  • Swiftly reducing knee joint pain
  • Visibly reducing swelling in the treatment area
  • Incredibly improving mobility
  • Rapidly eliminating stiffness
  • Greatly hydrating and lubricating knee joints

Many of the amazing healing properties of Optivisc Plus can hardly be achieved even with a surgery which has turned this well-received Hyaluronic Acid injection into patients’ preferred OA therapy option. With the help of My Lip Filler, this groundbreaking supplement can be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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