Products for the treatment of aging and tired skin occupy the majority of the skin care segment of the beauty market. There are thousands of different dermal care solutions meant to help with various issues related to the natural (or premature) aging of our skin. This, of course, includes mesotherapy solutions, skin boosters, and anti-age hyaluronic filler products.

In a way, “anti-age therapy” is somewhat of a buzzword, as it includes various types of treatment meant to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin and the overall look of the patient – wrinkles, sagging, age spots, dryness, wounds, roughness and more. However, when most people hear about anti-age treatment, they assume it is some sort of procedure that would boost the immediate condition of the skin, help it long term to maintain its good health, and, possibly, add some sort of aesthetic improvement to one’s look, like with anti-aging fillers, for example.

Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Fillers

…and other products in that group, we can be separated into several (overly generalized) categories:

  1. Cosmetics – creams, serums, topical solutions, which can be part of a general skincare routine, with an accumulating anti-age effect.
  2. Professional cosmetics – similar to the above, but used by dermatologists and licensed practitioners for some more severe age-related skin issues.
  3. Mesotherapy – a vast type of skin treatment that can be performed with specialized equipment (beauty machines) and/or special mesotherapy products. The most versatile form of anti-age therapy, with specialized treatments for various dermal problems.
  4. Skinboosters – standing somewhere in the gray zone of dermal fillers and mesotherapy cocktails, these solutions are intended to provide a rapid boost to the skin health and overall condition, in a limited area of the face, by introducing a highly concentrated mixture of beneficial agents directly into the dermis.
  5. Dermal fillers – a hyaluronic filler eucerin anti-age treatment comparison, will easily show that while standard ant-age solutions aim for a gradual effect, fillers are intended to add an immediate improvement to the perceived age of the person. However, besides filling wrinkles and skin folds, they will also boost the skin condition as the Hyaluronic acid dissolves over time.
  6. Threads – Like fillers, they will provide an immediately visible lifting effect that deals with skin sagging and wrinkles. Long term, threads stimulate collagen synthesis in the dermis, improving softness and elasticity.

Anti-Aging Facial Fillers

There are various paths toward achieving a more youthful and fresher look, thus various methods to perform anti-age therapy. However, as a whole, as far as the short-term effect goes, anti-aging Injectables (fillers, skin boosters, and some types of mesotherapy) offer the most visible results.

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