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Unique among skinboosters, Sunekos 1200 is, possibly, the only meso product of its type which combines long term revitalization and rejuvenation to the skin with visible gain / restoration of skin volume. It deals away with premature aging, shielding the fibroblast from free radicals, fills deep skin wrinkles and folds and restores the supportive structures of the extracellular matrix. Combined with Sunekos 200, it can offer deep and lasting volumization, uncharacteristic to most skinboosters.

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Sunekos 1200 is indeed a product which is nearly unmatched on the beauty market. While most skinboosters are primarily effective in regard to surface wrinkles and very shallow skin depressions, the 1200 from the Sunekos series of HA / amino-acid products, provides remarkably powerful results evne with very deep skin depressions. Not only that, but the high-molecular-weight Hyaluronic acid, over 1 Mio Dalton, defends the extracellular matrix fibroblast from the very harmful influence of free radicals, acting like an antioxidant. Thus, one of the major factors causing skin aging is prevented from exerting its negative effect.

Improving on that positive effect, the amino acid cocktail of Sunekos 1200 takes care of the long-term wellbeing of the skin. Stimulating the fibroblast to synthesize much more collagen and produce higher number of elastin fibers. This is directly related to the strength of supportive structures of the skin in the extracellular matrix. Naturally, this provides a visible lifting effect on top of the skin depression filling, straightening out the skin and lifting sagging skin tissues up.

All of this makes the Suenkos 1200 one of the best choices for wholesome and thorough rejuvenation of the skin, not only for the face, but also the hands and neck. Excelelnt and lasting results of 3 to 4 months can be expected after as little as a single procedure with the skinbooster.

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