Linerase Hydro (5 x 5ml)


Boosting the overall condition of the skin of the face, Linerase Hydro brings both the immediate rejuvenating effect of Hyaluronic acid and the long-term benefits of its tailored amid acids, which stimulate collagen synthesis. Acting as a powerful skinbooster and effective tool for deep anti-age therapy, Linerase Hydro can drastically improve the overall health of the upper and lower dermis, as well as the subcutaneous layers of the skin.

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Sitting on two pillars, Linerase Hydro addresses the two main issues cause by the natural aging, as well as the adverse effects of premature aging caused by external factors. Dry skin, the result of degraded hydration capabilities is the most common and devastating problem the dermis faces. Improperly moisturized skin is much more prone to wrinkle formation, sagging, wounding, flakiness, roughness and so on. Usually this is directly related, among other things to lack of Hyaluronic acid. It plays a vital part in our skin, as it’s molecules can hold hundreds of times their own weight in water.

Linerase Hydro boosts the skin by filling and rejuvenating the extracellular matrix with low-weight HA – a preferred ingredient of the most premium skinboosters. While not boosting collagen synthesis directly, Hyaluronic acid, can create the perfect conditions in the dermal 3D matrix for cells to begin synthesizing it.

And then there are the amino-acids. They are a powerful ally of our skin, especially in combination of Hyaluronic acid. The HA creates the perfect conditions for collagen synthesis and the amino-acids of Linerase Hydro actually induce its production, as well as that of elastin. These two compounds are the most important and vital elements in the process of natural healing and rejuvenation of our skin.

People can expect a much more elastic and smoother skin, with visible lifting of the sag and an overall improvement of the skin tone and radiance.

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