Wrinkle treatment is probably the largest portion of the beauty market, overall. Fighting the signs of aging or premature skin deterioration is the primary focus of the industry. This means that anti-wrinkle fillers, mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation, as well as skin boosters, are the hot items to be on the lookout for. While vastly different from each other, they are all effective tools for skin care and will deal with different aspects of wrinkle and anti-age treatment.

Elimination of wrinkles and skin folds

Choosing the correct product for deep skin revitalization and restoration of one’s youthful appearance will depend largely on which area of the face is treated, how severe the problem and what approach is best to undertake given the specific situation. While superficial skin depressions might be corrected via an anti-wrinkle filler and also dealt away using mesotherapy, the more pronounced the loss of skin volume, the more of a filling, it might actually need. However, to restore texture, and elasticity and boost collagen production, Hyaluronic acid might not be enough and a meso cocktail might provide more effective long-term skin care.

Where do fillers fit in?

Products for the treatment of skin depression, which are commonly referred to as fillers, have both aesthetic and practical skin care roles to play in the process of regaining a youthful appearance. Wrinkle treatment with fillers is popular because it offers immediate results. The HA gel (as they’re most commonly based on Hyaluronic acid) will volumize the treated area instantly and literally remove the wrinkle or fold away. However, their long-term effect on the skin is not limited, per se, but definitely more focused. The dissolving filler gel will release HA molecules in the skin and improve hydration, but it doesn’t provide nutrients or other valuable compounds.

Skinboosters  – the middle ground

Skinboosters are a very interesting product. They very much blur the line between facial fillers for wrinkles and traditional mesotherapy products, which are most often a cocktail of ingredients. Skin boosters will usually combine Hyaluronic acid with one or two powerful ingredients and are intended to be used in a limited area, with a much-amplified treatment effect in terms of superficial wrinkle removal, but also – long-term skin wellbeing.

In recent years, skin care using skin booster solutions has become extremely popular, not only as a separate form of treatment but also in combination with cosmetic fillers or as an element of a complex, multi-vector mesotherapy skin therapy.

Mesotherapy for general skin care

This brings us to mesotherapy, which can be the simplest or the most complex method for the rejuvenation of aging skin, depending on the solutions and methods involved. While not as immediate in effect as a derm filler, It can be used to boost the skin and deal away with wrinkles in multiple ways:

  • Restore the texture and smoothness
  • Improve softness and elasticity by boosting the synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Lift sagging skin and straighten skin folds
  • Improve hydration and heal damaged and dry skin

With meso treatment, the overall skin condition is improved, which helps to remove the cause for wrinkle formation in the first place, making the dermis less prone to form areas with visible volume loss (a.k.a. – wrinkles and skin folds), which might require the application of an HA filler injectable solution.

Forehead wrinkles - before and after

Advice from a Cosmetologist on Anti-Wrinkle Fillers

Choosing the right anti-wrinkle filler is essential for achieving your desired results while maintaining the health and natural beauty of your skin. As a cosmetologist, my key advice is to always consult with a professional before deciding on any treatment. It’s important to understand that the effectiveness of fillers greatly depends on the specific characteristics of your skin, the area of application, and your overall health and lifestyle. Opt for a personalized consultation to ensure the filler type, volume, and treatment plan are perfectly tailored to your unique needs.

Moreover, post-treatment care plays a critical role in the longevity and effectiveness of the fillers. Follow your cosmetologist’s instructions carefully, avoid strenuous activities for the first 24-48 hours, and stay hydrated to enhance the treatment results. Remember, achieving the best outcomes from your anti-wrinkle filler treatment is a partnership between you and your skincare professional.

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