Gouri PCL Collagen Booster (1 x 1ml)


Gouri is a revolutionary collagen boosting filler with lasting skin lifting effect and natural removal of superficial wrinkles, especially in the area around the eyes. It is the first liquid Polycaprolactone products for collagen production stimulation, meaning quicker 3D matrix formation and more even and naturally looking results in terms of wrinkle reduction.

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Gouri is the first skinbooster of it’s type that comes in a liquid form. Normally, PCL based fillers use Polycaprolactone (a biodegradeable polymer) particles suspended in injectable gel, in order to distribute them in the dermis and form new skin cell structures around them. As opposed to that method, Gouri is based on CESABP technology – an innovative method to achieve collagenesis in a more natural manner.

The PCL filler being in liquid form, allows for the application processes to be much shorted and less invasive. Regular Polycaprolactone fillers require the multi-point application method, in order to distribute the PCL particles evenly. Gouring PCL being a liquid can be adjusted post procedure with a simple massage.


The process of collagen synthesis and wrinkle removal can be divided into four main steps:

  1. Gouri PCL filler is applied into the skin (forehead, around the eyes, nasolabial folds, cheeks).
  2. After the procedure, the skin is carefully massaged to distribute the liquid Polycaprolactone.
  3. Over time the PCL turns into a new 3D matrix around which new skin cells are generated and fibroblasts are stimulated.
  4. Neo-collagenesis is achieved, resulting in improved skin elasticity and noticeable lifting of the sagging skin tissues.

Standard treatment with Gouri Polycaprolactone filler includes a total of three sessions, spaced between eachother by a month. Once the protocol is complete, it’s advisable to do touch-up procedures with Gouri even three to six months, to maintain the lifting and smoothing results and keep the skin youthful.

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