Beauty Friends II Mung Bean Essence Mask Sheet Pack


Are you prone to acne problems, freckles, and skin spots? Do you want to make the skin of your face feel softer and look more youthful? If yes, Mung Bean Essence Mask Sheet Pack is the answer to your prayers. Now distributed by us, from My Lip Filler, this superb face mask by Beauty Friends will give your skin a healthy glow, youthful radiance and it will effectively remove a wide scope of imperfections.

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What is Mung Bean and how does it help the skin?

Mung Bean, also known as Phaseolus radiates seed extract, is the key ingredient in this at-home sheet mask. This plant can be found in different areas around North America and Europe and it is known under various names (e.g. golden gram, green gram, Moong beans, etc.). Over the last few years, it has been finding an increasing application in the skincare and beauty industry because it:

  • Significantly improves the skin tone
  • Successfully removes age spots, blemishes, freckles and more
  • Easily reduces acne and prevents future acne outbreaks through its exfoliating powers
  • Deeply cleans and detoxifies the skin

Consumers who have tried Mung Bean Essence Mask Sheet Pack at least once, also report that it has incredible moisturizing abilities and its effects are particularly beneficial for skin that appears tired, damaged or rough.

Developed and produced by a trusted brand

Mung Bean Essence Mask Sheet Pack is a part of a top-tier face mask range by Beauty Friends. It is highly praised for containing only natural, 100% safe ingredients such as plant extracts and substances that are naturally occurring in the human body. The fact that is can be quickly applied without any special preparation or experience makes it one of the most customer-friendly beauty solutions on My Lip Filler’s vast product catalog.

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