Are you in search of affordable contouring and facial sculpting fillers that make no compromise between quality and price? Look no further for the ultimate contour filler solutions, utilized to treat extreme skin folds, restore significant volume loss of the cheeks or to augment the facial oval. Here you will find a selection of proven hyaluronic acid-based solutions for volume skin volume restoration and enhancement with lasting and reliable beauty results.

What makes our catalog of hard fillers stand out is:

  • Tailored for depth: These face contour filler products are tailored to deal away with even the most severe skin depression cases.
  • Sculpting excellence: Only the most high-quality fillers for contour can provide results which are durable, yet natural to look at and natural to touch.
  • Durability: Dense HA based dermal fillers last long, but only the best will offer over a year of wrinkle treatment and facial augmentation results.

Our sculpting face fillers are the most effective method for lasting enhancement even in difficult areas such as the jawline or cheekbones.

Facial sculpting with fillers

There are three main categories of dermal HA fillers – soft, medium and dense (a.k.a. face sculpt filler). The last are characterized by higher molecular weight of the Hyaluronic gel and are applied at lower depth, allowing for more effective methods to contour the oval and facial features, more naturally looking removal of severe skin folds or indistinguishable cheek filler application. These are not the typical wrinkle treatment products, used for smile lines or to boost natural collagen production.

Here are some key distinctions:

  • High Viscosity: sometimes the term visco-elasticity is also used. This means that the HA gel of a mid face filler product is thicker, making it optimal for application in the deep subcutaneous layers of the skin.
  • Facial Contouring: augmenting the cheekbones and similar difficult areas requires the application of fillers with the necessary stability, that do not “flow” to other areas.
  • Severe Wrinkle Combat – sometimes called “hard fillers”, but often “severe” would be the correct term. These are the facial fillers used to fix the worst cases of skin volume loss or sagging, in the facial area, especially the cheeks.

Fillers and Facial Sculpting

The displayed selection of products is meant to allow practitioners like dermatologists and trained and certified experts to provide a comprehensive beauty service and naturally fix imperfections, with lasting results.

We at My Lip Filler have do our best effort to assemble a reliable selection of the top tier HA gel-based product on the market for facial contouring and deep wrinkle treatments. Quality above all is a principle we adhere to whenever researching a new facial filler to add to our portfolio. From product for fine lines all the way to chin sculpting.

So why choose our catalog?

  • Rigorously Tested: All offered fillers have undergone rigorous board certified tests to ensure patient safety.
  • Safe Ingredients: all fillers are based on Hyaluronic acid which is non-animal in origin, derived from either bacteria or plants.
  • Minimal adverse effects: When properly applied our deep line filler solutions will provide only minimal levels of discomfort.
  • Collagen boost: besides the standard HA fillers we are also offering a couple of products that will increase the collagen synthesis, besides improving the volume. Be sure to inquire about them.

Our philosophy is that beauty procedures and facial feature augmentation, should always be optimal and effective, but at the same time safe. Filler face sculpting, as well as severe wrinkle treatment, must first and foremost be under strict and safe usage protocols, in order to achieve the desired results of facial feature definition.

Face sculpting fillers online

…and how to choose the best one for you? Fillers, that are available on the market are, at this point, almost incalculable. From products for fine lines all the way to semi-permanent fillers, there is an argument to be made that there are too many HA products to choose from.

We have done our best to list some of the best available options in regard to hard fillers on the market, making the pre-selection for you. However, our dedicated support team is here for you, ready to give you any extra information that you might require to make a valid choice of the best dense filler for your needs.

Our friendly team is available and here for you seven days a week. Need a consultation on which sculpt dermal fillers fit your needs and budgets best? Get in touch over WhatsaApp, Messenger, email or even phone. One of our friendly consultants will do their best to provide you with detailed product information, filler parameters and valuable information you can use to compare the different HA products and decide if, for example, Restylane or Juvederm you’re the brand for you. Get in touch today!

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