In instances where there is severe loss of skin volume on the face or where defined facial contouring is to be performed, only high-density fillers can provide the necessary volumizing to naturally fill in the deep skin depressions or to sculpt the shape of a particular facial feature. Dense dermal fillers have proven themselves as the cost and time-effective alternative to traditional plastic surgery, which is not only much quicker, but far less invasive and risky, requiring virtually no downtime post-procedure. Thick gel for facial enhancement also offers a much prolonged volumizing effect, when compared to softer HA solutions with a lower particle size and molecular weight.

The most popular base for the manufacturing of a dense filler is crosslinked Hyaluronic acid – the common foundation of skin volume gel, on the market. However, some alternatives like PLLA, PCL, and Calcium are also available. The latter three substances are normally at the heart of the so-called semi-permanent fillers. While the densest variations of traditional HA fillers last significantly longer than normal – up to 18 months, semi-permanent fillers expand on that with a time frame of two to five years. Unlike, Hyaluronic fillers, though, they cannot easily be dissolved with enzymes. Combined with their longevity, this has earned them the specifical classification.

Mastering Facial Contours with High-Density Solutions

Still, regular high-density HA fillers are the go-to choice for facial contouring and severe skin fold filling. They are the most versatile form of filling gel, which is used in the beauty industry and can effectively be used in areas like:

  • Chin
  • Cheekbones
  • Jawline
  • Nose
  • Temples
  • Cheeks

Instead of going the traditional way of surgically adding permanent implants in these areas, injectable volumizing solutions like Rejeunesse Shape and Bonetta Filler Volume, are a very dense gel, applied to the SubQ layer of the dermis. Besides, being much less invasive, this is a much more flexible way to augment various facial features, with more granular control over the process, allowing the dermatologist or licensed practitioner applying it, to make adjustments to the contour “on the fly”. This is one of the aspects, that makes HA fillers the better option for correction of age and aesthetic changes in the skin.

The Expertise of High-Density Hyaluronic Fillers

It is worth noting that achieving optimal results requires skill and how natural results will look will be dependent on the overall dexterity of the professional handling the volumizing filler. Fortunately, when added to the subcutaneous dermal layer correctly, dense HA fillers are practically indistinguishable and any contour achieved with the Hyaluronic gel or any volume regained (cheeks and severe nasolabial folds), will be indistinguishable for the onlookers. Thus, when regarding precision high-density dermal fillers allow not only for a more flexible form of facial enhancement but also the beauty procedure with superior control.

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