Alongside wrinkles, sagging skin is probably the most common problem which is associated with skin aging – be it natural or premature, due to additional adverse factors. In terms of rejuvenation of one’s appearance, filler modeling is now established as the preferred method for many people and this type of dermal treatment is used to address many related issues, not the least – skin sag. Lifting fillers and other products for firming of the skin (especially used in mesotherapy) are a huge part of this market segment and a sough after solution for facial revitalization. But what helps these products to edge over more classic forms of treatment and what are their benefits?

Skin sag – the cause

Before the team of My Lip Filler can answer this question, we should first look into the particular problem which would require the lifting procedure and its origins. Age is the primary culprit for skin tissues to sag, however there are more adverse factors which affect almost all people and should not be ignored. Your skin is bound to be negatively affects by any or all of the below:

  • Bad environment – anything from less-than-ideal living conditions to actual air pollution will cause the skin to deteriorate quite rapidly.
  • Health problems – our skin is the largest organ in our body. Even less serious health issues will have a visible negative impact on it.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle – fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, long work hours, etc. All of these cause wear to our body, in general, and to our skin, in particular.
  • Sun / UV light overexposure – while vitamin D is necessary for a healthy skin and healthy body, staying too long in the sun, especially without proper protection is have the reverse effect.

Injectable lifting solutions are utilized to address the immediate effects of the above adverse factors. They will offset the effect of skin sag, which is due, first and foremost, to the significantly reduced synthesis of elastin. Less elastic skin is not only more wound prone, but also tends to stretch down. This effect is only amplified by skin malnourishment and the gradual decrease of collagen in the dermis. All of this breaks the supporting tissues in the lower dermis and the ski starts to visibly sag and shift downwards with time. This effect is most noticeable at the cheeks and the area where the jawline connects with the chin. Enter filler modeling and mesotherapy lifting, to the rescue.

Achieving Natural-Looking Lift Results with Fillers

What is interesting about performing a skin lifting procedure using fillers, is that many different types of products can be utilized, often in conjunction, to get the desired rejuvenating effect. Traditional dense dermal fillers for facial lift, can be used in areas with severe skin volume loss, like the cheeks. Usually, in this part of the face, there is a very visible loss of volume, which causes the upper dermis to sag down. Introducing a thick filler to treat this area, will restore the volume and literally pull the skin back up. Something like Rejeunesse Shape or Glowing Fill Full, from the My Lip Filler catalog, will provide the desired effect of filling the space in our skin.

As opposed to that, using a specialized boost filler, will help to reverse some of the damage of the various adverse factors. Polynucleotide based skinboosters like RE:Prima and Gemvous, will jumpstart the process of collagen and elastin synthesis of the skin, while also improving hydration. By making the skin soft and elastic again, a noticeable firming and smoothing effect will occur, causing the sagging skin to recede back up.

Precision Applications for Advanced Facial Lifting

However, fillers are not the only form of treatment which is recommended to firm sagging skin. In fact, youthful lift injections are only one of the venues of skin rejuvenation and firming that can be taken. There are many mesotherapy products which can be incorporated into various dermal therapies to achieve improvement of the overall skin condition, which can be effectively used alongside filler modeling.

It should also be pointed out, that firming injections with fillers, which it comes to specialized solutions like Polynucleotide and Hyaluronic acid solutions, are also blurring the line of filler treatment and meso therapy.  Combining different methods allows for deeper and m ore thorough skin treatment in multiple areas of the face with more noticeable and lasting skin lifting effect.

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