Skin deterioration can be caused by many factors, but one of the major issues, be it the result of external factors or just natural aging, is skin malnourishment. Some of the adverse factors can be offset and countered completely. Others, like natural aging, can be, at best, slowed down and softened. The method, techniques and products used to achieve that are many, but when it comes to nourishing fillers and mesotherapy, are among the most effective and immediate methods utilized to boost the condition of the skin, rejuvenate it and achieve a more youthful appearance.

But what is skin malnourishment and how does it affect the dermis in a negative way? In short, this is a situation in which the skin lacks in vital nutrients. These are, broadly speaking, mineral, vitamins, certain amino-acids, specific compounds (like Hyaluronic acid) and other beneficial agents, which are necessary for the correct skin regeneration processes. A lack of any of them can cause an imbalance in the dermis, affect processes such as collagen synthesis or elastin production, which directly will make the skin less elastic, dryer, more prone to wrinkles and wounds. Naturally, the standard skin rejuvenation treatments will aim to restore that beneficial agent balance in the dermis, often by introducing said compounds directly into it.

Nourishing skin fillers

Most often, dermal fillers are associated with facial volume enhancement. However, the typical HA filler will boost the condition of the skin, by merely being dissolved by the enzymes, as the Hyaluronic molecules are released directly into the dermis, boosting its self-hydrating capabilities. But there are also specialized solutions, such as collagen stimulating fillers, which go beyond mere volumization. There are various filler products, including skinboosters, which can very quickly improve the condition of the skin in a certain part of the face or neck. Further, there are the meso-cocktail solutions, which while not actual fillers, are very effective at introducing an array of nutrients directly into the dermis. As few items worth considering are:

  • Revofil Aquashine – the Aquashine line of fillers is interesting, because it adds peptides to the standard soft Hyaluronic acid gel. Not only do they make the fillers one of the more effective anti-aging skin solutions, but also good source of valuable agents for the dermis.
  • Dermaheal – made by the same company as Revofil, the Dermaheal mesotherapy brand is famous for the highly effective, patented peptides in their solutions. Dermaheal SR and HSR, in particular, combine them with minerals and vitamins, making them some of the most effective broad spectrum meso cocktails used for skin rejuvenation treatments on the market.
  • Prima – a newcomer from Korea, Prima includes the Prima Heal – a powerful, high and low molecular weight, HA skin booster, which is an exact match to Profhilo. Then there is the RE:Prima which is a 2% polynucleotide solution, tailored for improving the skin condition in the area around the eyes.
  • Gemvous – a single product brand, Gemvous is one of the best skinboosters to come from Korea. Mixing together Hyaluronic acid, Polynucleotides and Niacinamide (Vitamin B complex), it is a powerful tool for overall skin rejuvenation and revitalization for the facial and neck areas.

Benefits of Nourishing Fillers for Skin Rejuvenation

As far as advantages go, specialized nourishing filler solutions are great, because they introduce the nutrients and beneficial agents directly into the skin. This makes them more effect and quicker to deliver results. And while you’d still need to make the necessary adjustments in lifestyle, diet and daily skincare routine, like finding good cosmetics for skin hydration treatments, you will solve any dermal malnourishment issues the quicker using specialized fillers and achieve longer lasting results, by utilizing the proper meso cocktails for your aged and malnourished skin.

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