Sunekos Performa (2 x 3.5ml) Skinbooster


One to the leading collagen boosters to come from Italy, the Sunekos Performa is the ideal blend between low-weight non-crosslinked Hyalruonic acid and specially selected blend of peptides. By mixing the power of Sodium Hyaluronate and the patented  HY6AA formula of amino-acids, the Sunekos Performa bring a deep and highly effective rejuvenation to the skin in various parts of the face and body. This mesotherapy solution give quick results in skin cell revival, combined with long term positive effect.

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The leading beauty and professional cosmetics manufacturers have come to the realization that the combination of amino-acids or peptides with Hyaluronic acid (usually in the form of its salt – the Sodium Hyaluronate), is one of the most effective ways to boost the overall skin condition. Where fillers have a more “mechanical” effect, Sunekos Performa skinbooster takes care of more profound problems like skin dryness and hydration inbalance, structural damage to the extracellular matrix and the naturally reduced ability of tired and aged skin to synthesize collagen and elastin.

Boosting hydration is the first problem which must be addressed by any product for dermal rejuvenation, including the Sunekos Performa. Taking advantage of HA’s molecule’s ability to retain hundreds of times their own weight in water, a Hyaluronic suspension is just what tired and dry skin needs to get an immediate boost. A high dose of Hyaluronic acid alone is enough to have a noticeable and lasting beneficial effect for the skin. Not to mention, that low-molecular weight HA is verry effective in filling the extracellular matrix space, helping to create the perfect conditions for collagen and elastin syhtnesis.

However, to jumpsart that process, Sunekos Performa uses a special patented blend of amino-acids, known as HY6AA. Testing has shown that collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin can be amplified to nearly twice the levels achievable with regular skinboosters.

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