Often, dermal fillers are associated with anti-age therapy – a method to improve the general condition of the skin, possibly smooth out wrinkles, possibly add volume to the lips. However, there is another aspect to Hyaluronic acid-based gel usage and that would be fillers for facial contour. In fact, dense HA gel can be used not only for facial contouring, in order to make a specific feature, like the chin or cheekbones, more pronounced, but also as a way to correct visible asymmetry of the facial oval, as well as correcting differences in the shape and volume of parts of the face.

While soft and even medium density fillers are more or less concerned with the condition of the skin, along with skin volumization, when it comes to facial contouring using Hyluronic gel, this function take a back seat. Yes, as the HA gel dissolves, it will benefit the skin in the part of the face where it is applied and that does help in instances where the filler is used to fill severe skin folds and depressions, the focus with this type of dermal products is contour and shape.

Facial Contouring with Dermal Fillers

Low viscoelasticity dermal fillers truly shine when used to change the shape of various facial features. This can be driven by purely aesthetic perception, but it can also have a more practical use when it comes to asymmetry treatment in order to achieve clear facial shape. Naturally, sculpting fillers are an excellent tool to balance out the asymmetry in areas like:

  1. Cheekbones
  2. Cheeks (where the volume loss is more visible on one side)
  3. Severe nasolabial folds (where the skin depression is more pronounced on one side)
  4. Jawline contour

A main advantage of HA gel-based products is that facial filler prices are much lower than other methods for treatment of facial feature asymmetry. Of course, there are instances, where plastic surgery will be the only option, but for limited interventions, dense face fillers are an easy, quick and painless tool, available at an affordable price point.

It is also worth considering that facial contouring fillers (at least when based on Hyaluronic acid) are a non-permanent solution. This means that not only with the procedure be instant and require zero downtime, but if the person is unhappy with the result, the licensed practitioner/dermatologist can dissolve the HA gel using enzymes and easily correct the results and adjust the symmetry of the face accordingly. Thus, if pitted against Hyaluronic fillers for facial contour plastic surgery is a less desirable method of facial asymmetry treatment, in instances where both options are viable, as the former offers the same effect with much lower costs and discomfort.

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