By mere physiology, it’s to be expected that the upper dermis is the first casualty of the natural aging process. Deep and severe skin depressions do not form immediately or out of the blue but instead appear as superficial lines and wrinkles that gradually deepen more and more, as part of the side effects of both aging and external adverse factors. Thus, upper dermal fillers are specifically tailored to deal with these early signs of age, to both provide immediate improvement to the look of the face and neck and also help out with the long-term condition of the dermis, helping with the causes, too.

Crafting Youthful Skin with Upper Dermal Fillers

Good superficial derma fillers must possess a certain set of properties to be truly effective in the fight against shallow wrinkles. But let’s first answer the question: “What are the fillers for the upper dermis?”.

In general, the skin filler is a gel-like substance, which is intended to provide immediate volumization in areas of the face, neck, hands, and décolleté where visible depressions have formed. This type of product’s name is fairly self-explanatory, as to what it does – the gel is used to fill these small lines in the upper dermis, thus smoothing out the skin texture and providing a more youthful look to the person. The most popular substance this type of product is based on is Hyaluronic acid, due to its specific properties and its versatility, as an ingredient and filler base. However, there are other solutions, particularly skin boosters, but also mesotherapy for skin treatment, which will utilize Polynucleotides, peptides, and/or nutrients.

Achieving Subtle Beauty with Upper Dermal Fillers

…and other solutions are a part of a process and combining methods is vital. Usually applied at shallow depth fillers used for superficial wrinkles are a more immediate method for skin smoothing, while solutions like mesotherapy (meso cocktails specifically) aim to improve the dermis’ health long term. Skinboosters sit somewhere in the middle. Here is a bit more in-depth overview of the various methods for the treatment of depressions in the upper layer of the dermis:

  • Fillers – immediate wrinkle and line removal, as far as aesthetics go, this is the go-to option to just straight remove the skin depression. The typical filler is based on cross-linked Hyaluronic acid molecules, which also help with skin hydration as the gel is dissolved into the dermis. Normally, the upper dermal layers are treated with soft to very soft HA gel, to avoid lump formation and to make the smoothing process appear completely natural.
  • Skin boosters – technically, a form of filler themselves, skin boosters focus on introducing valuable compounds directly into the upper dermis, which will provide some long-term benefits, but mostly boost the current condition of tired and damaged skin. They don’t do much “filling” but are an excellent method for quick facial rejuvenation in the upper layers of the skin.
  • Mesotherapy – the most extensive group of treatment solutions for rejuvenation and revitalization, meso procedures are the foundation of long-term dermal wellbeing. While hardly limited to wrinkle removal, a lot of the products can be either topically applied or introduced directly to the upper dermis, adding valuable nutrients and beneficial agents, that maintain the skin healthy and radiant. Where fillers are used for immediate upper dermal volumization, mesotherapy solutions shine when it comes to long-term skin health and slowing down the visible processes of aging.

The Expertise of Upper Dermal Filler Applications

It is worth noting that specialists will never limit themselves to a single method of skin treatment. Your dermatologists and licensed practitioners will probably recommend that the crow’s feet at the corners of the eye or the frown lines on the forehead are gently filled with superficial wrinkle fillers, but the secret to effective dermal rejuvenation lies in combining the appropriate solutions.

Here is an example with products available at My Lip Filler: Dermalax or Rejeunesse for the superficial wrinkles, combined with Gemvous or Aquashine skinbooster for the area around the eyes to address the effects of lack of proper skin care in that area, and then close the process of with a series of mesotherapy sessions, to improve the health of the dermis in the long run, using a solution from Dermaheal. Each treatment is done in stages with sufficient buffer between them. It’s a bit more complicated than getting subcutaneous fillers, but the results are visible for a long time.

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