Aquashine BTX (1 x 2ml)

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Aquashine BTX is a mini-revolution in the world of dermal fillers. This is a near wonderous injectable gel with helps with fighting the signs of aging on multiple fronts. As a traditional filler it is quite effective for sculpting the lines of the face, enhancing or making facial features more pronounced and aesthetically pleasing. Further it introduces valuable nutrients into the skin and has a rejuvenating and hydrating effect. And last, but not least, Aquashine BTX introduces a complex of biomimetic peptides which prevent muscles in the area of injection from contracting, making the skin appear smoother and preventing wrinkle formation.

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The big thing that sets Aquashine BTX apart from other sculpting fillers is the special complex of peptides that its gel contains. These do wonders for the look of the patient in two main directions. For one, the complex which includes the Decapeptide-3, Oligopeptide-62, Decapeptide-29 and Oligopeptide-24, improves the skin texture, brightens it and regulates skin tone. Second, and arguably more important, the Aquashine BTX affects the muscles in the injected area, preventing them from contracting. The effect is caused by the biomimetic peptides. This smoothens the skin and straightens out wrinkles and prevents from new lines on the skin to form.

Naturally looking facial sculpting

The other primary role of he BTX injectable beauty product by Revofil is augmenting the features of the face. The composition of the gel and the molecular structure make is thicker and with higher density of the particles. This allows the gel, once injected to be able and not change its form or shift beyond the injection area. With Aquashine BTX patients can achieve more beautiful and pronounced cheekbones, jawline or chine. It is also an excellent solution for filling deep skin folds in the nasolabial and perioral areas.

It’s also worth noting the Aquashine filler has long term positive effect on the skin. Including a selection of vitamins and minerals it is a powerful source of nutrients that will bring back vigor and youth to the skin. The product will noticeable improve skin hydration and will jump-start its natural self-healing and rejuvenating properties.

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