Regenovue Deep Plus with Lidocaine (1 x 1.1ml)


Lip enhancement can be painless. With Regenovue Deep Plus patients get beautiful and full lips in a single injection session, without any unnecessary discomfort. This is the ideal dermal filler for contouring the lips and augmenting their volume and shape. The HA filler is also soft enough to be appropriate for the removal of moderate to medium wrinkles and skin depressions. Regenovue Deep Plus can deal with fine to medium glabellar and marionette lines.

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Regenovue Deep Plus is the lidocaine containing counterpart of the based Deep dermal filler from Regenovue. In their properties and application both products are nearly identical – soft filler for lip augmentation and removal of moderate skin lines, wrinkles and depressions. Either can be very useful in filling glabellar lines between the eyebrows or to hide not-too-severe marionette lines on either sides of the mouth.

Of course the primary focus, as with most Hyaluronic Acid fillers, bearing the “Deep” name are the lips. With excellent flowability and small enough grain size, Regenovue Deep Plus will noticeably and instantly enhance the patients lips, for a period of up to 18 months. More volume, better lip proportions and naturally looking results with no filler shifting after injection.

The only real difference between Deep Plus and the base Regenovue Deep filler is the lidocaine contained in the former. A 0.1ml of Lidocaine, not only guarantees minimum discomfort for the patient, but also makes using additional, stronger anesthetic redundant. Once injected, no severe adverse symptom will be felt by the patient. Limited only to the area of injection they might include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • Extra sensitivity
  • Minor pain

Such side effects normally will pass from a couple of hours, to a day or two. When injected, the gel will provide instant and natural results. Since this is a non-permanent solution, subsequent injection with filler is necessary to maintain the shape and volume of the lips or to keep wrinkles filled. Normally, a single injection of Regenovue Deep Plus will last from a year to 18 months, but if depends on factors like the patients’ lifestyle, environment and overall health.

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Disclaimer: Always read the detailed ingredients list on the back of the box or inside the included booklet. Be sure to read the included leaflet in regard to intended usage, proper application, safety procedures and, if applicable, possible counter indications and/or adverse effects. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients (certain products contain Lidocaine).