One of the universally accepted markings of beauty are full and well contoured lips. So, it’s only natural fillers for small lips are the number product in that niche, in terms of usage. While, naturally, subjective, most people perceive thin lips as less appealing many patients, especially women, seek filler augmentation as a method to achieve dramatic before and after difference in their perceived looks (and self-esteem).

Filler treatment for small lips

Many people might not realize that various techniques for enhancing the volume and contour of the upper and lower lip have been utilized for a long time. But it’s with the advent of Hyaluronic acid-based fillers that safe lip plumping became an affordable and simple enough procedure to boost one’s facial features. HA based products for enhancement for small lips have completely taken over the market for multiple reasons:

  • Safety – the alternatives are much more invasive and plastic surgery always comes with increased risks for something going wrong. Getting your thin lips plump via Hyaluronic acid fillers, is a significantly safe method.
  • (No) downtime – Not only is traditional surgery prone to cause stronger and potentially more dangerous adverse reactions, but such procedures come with the inevitable downtime. When using lip fillers to contour short lips (or thin ones), the result is immediate and not downtime is necessary – usually people proceed with their normal schedule immediately post procedure.
  • Cost – anybody who’s ever gotten plastic surgery, even a minimal correction, will tell you that not only are such procedures invasive and risky, but they also cost a lot. So, dermatologists and licensed practitioners began to buy lip fillers for small lips, to be able to offer their patients and customers, a solution which is both more convenient and safer, but also – substantially more budget oriented.
  • Non-permanent – not so long ago, getting lip enhancement using some form of surgical procedure for a small mouth, often meant that the person was stuck with the end result (at least partially). Lip implants were often impossible to fully remove. However, with HA gel, this is not an issue. Not only is this a safe alternative to surgery, to begin with, but also, Hyaluronic acid fillers dissolve naturally in the body, as they’re fully biocompatible. And that process can always be sped up using Hyaluronidase.

Lip Filler Techniques For Small Lips

One of the things that most people do not understand about the enhancement of thin lips, is the fact that there is much more to it, than simply adding volume. The procedure itself, is a non-surgical lip augmentation for small lips. In other words, instead of adding some sort of a traditional implant via an invasive method, volumizing gel (usually based on Hyaluronic acid) is introduced into the deep layers of the dermis, adding the desired plumpness and contour.

A major part of the process is making a preliminary interview with the person looking to get a safe lip plumping, where among other things, the dermatologist or licensed practitioner will determine the product (could be an expensive Juvederm Volbella, could be a premium Korean brand like Revolax Deep or it could be one of the newcomers, like A-Jax Keen Vivid) and what amount of filler will be needed. The latter is determined not only based on the preferences of the patient, but also on the part of the face itself – short lips and small mouth are different that a wide and more pronounced mid face area.

Reshaping small lips with lip fillers

Once the practitioner determines the best approach the actual procedure of lip volume enhancement small lips. Volumization is normally key, however contour and overall shape are just as important. Often, people will have a complain no such much with the plumpness of their lips, as opposed to the visible shape or lack of proper symmetry. In fact, even when getting full instead of thin lips is the main goal, the dermatologist / licensed practitioner will take great care to correctly distribute the gel along the lip line, in order to create an effect which appears as natural, as possible. If the procedure is done correctly, unless an onlooker is comparing before and after photos of the patient, making out there is a lip filler used should be near impossible.

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