Facial expressions are just as much a part of one’s looks as are the facial features, themselves. Laughter, frown, joy, fear – each emotion makes us unique, but it also makes our face move in a certain way. To put it more scientifically, our facial muscles contract. This movement causes the skin of the face to also move, bend and fold itself, as one makes a certain grimace or expression. When we are young, we rarely give all of this a second thought. Our skin is smooth, hydrated and elastic and dermal fillers nasolabial lines treatment is something distant.

However, with age (as well as multitude of external factors) our skin condition gradually, or sometimes – rapidly, deteriorates and we need to take certain measures to deal away with nasolabial folds, marionette lines, laugh lines. What is characteristic about these skin issues, is that such skin depressions do not form as a result of age related skin sagging (at least not entirely), but are directly related to the specific way the facial muscles are set and how they contract during facial expression.

Nasolabial folds are visible creases (deep lines) that begin at the nose and run down to the sides of the mouth. Marionette lines extend from the corners of the moth down to the chin. Smile lines, usually present themselves as tiny wrinkles spreading out from the outer corners of the eyes. Of these three, nasolabial folds are the first to form and the HA gel used to treat them, unlike laugh line fillers, is normally medium thickness to dense, depending on the severity of the problem. Also, this is the first probably the most recognizable age-related dermal problem with the skin of the face.

Nasolabial Folds

All of the above considered, while age is the predominant cause of these skin depressions, there are many additional factors that can greatly affect one’s dermis and cause the skin wrinkle, sag or form folds:

  • Sun exposure – UV light is one of the worst enemies of healthy skin. While sunbathing is pleasant and limited exposure to skin is even necessary in order for your body to synthesize vitamin D (vital for almost everything, including the skin), overdoing it will have the reverse effect. Too much sun will break down collagen and elastin, severely reducing the overall skin condition and even using a filler for nasolabial lines is an easy solution once the problem becomes severe.
  • Smoking – one of worst habits in terms of health damage, smoking harms pretty much the entire body. As far as skin problems go, it will noticeably reduce the blood supply to the skin of the face and body, and thus limit collagen production. As an added negative, the actual process of drawing smoke from the cigarette, causes the formation of marionette lines.
  • Genetics – some people just have good skin and some need laugh line filler treatment. Genetics are a major factor for overall skin condition, however using products for skin tightening, nourishment and lifting is a strongly recommended no matter the circumstances.
  • Repeated Facial Expressions – unfortunately, not only frowning, but also smiling a lot constitutes as a repeated facial expression. As long as the muscles of the face contract in the same area frequently, they are bound to form wrinkles, lines or, as reviewed here – nasolabial fold Effective anti-age treatment, including dermal filler application is necessary to delay or even reverse these dermal processes.

Combined with the natural aging of the skin, the above factors can lead to a rapid and noticeable deterioration of the overall condition of the face and vastly accelerate the process of skin depression formation. Often, folds in the nasolabial area or lines around mouth can be observed as early as the late 20s. Solving this dermal problem involves different solutions, which are to be used in synergy – change of lifestyle, high quality cosmetics, skin rejuvenation via mesotherapy and, last but not least, direct skin volume restoration via dermal fillers.

What do nasolabial fillers do?

Most commonly, fillers used to restore skin volume loss in the nasolabial area (same does for marionette lines, too) are some types of Hyaluronic acid based gel, applied directly into the affected area of the dermis. While HA itself is important to the skin and helps with hydration and moisture retention, when it comes to nasolabial lines filler (and mid to deep skin depression solutions, in general), it’s the volumizing properties that the gel based on it has that are the focus. Using medium density dermal fillers at deep levels in the skin, offers an instant fix for noticeable loss of volume and pronounced skin folds.

Nasolabial and marionette lines need specific viscoelasticity of the filler gel, in order for the treatment to offer naturally looking results. The Hyaluronic gel must be thick enough, to be firm and not flow away and shift to neighboring parts of the face. At the same time a good nasolabial fold filler must be elastic and soft enough, not to form bumps and not look unnatural, considering it is used in a facial area where there is almost constant muscle contraction and movement.

Buy Filler for Nasolabial Fold

Here we’ve listed an extensive collection of some of the best fillers, proven to be effective in nasolabial folds treatment with lasting results. From budget solutions to premium brand offers, you can buy a reliable mid face dermal filler for an effective treatment of deep nasolabial skin lines for a period of up to 12 months.

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