Our goal, at My Lip Filler is to offer our customers, and dermatologists and cosmetic experts, in particular, a very extensive catalog of premium beauty enhancement products. This includes solutions for professionals putting fillers in lips as part of their service portfolio. Our e-store is here to accommodate and let you choose from some of the best lip augmentation products which are sold on the market.

Natural Lip Filler with Plumping Hyaluronic Acid

Dermal and lip fillers are a resolution in the beauty industry on their own. While traditional methods to volumize or contour lips have always been expensive and highly invasive, in the past several years, for the first time, the option for a quick, safe and affordable solution for lip enhancement was presented to beauty professionals and their clients.

Optimizing the properties of Hyaluronic acid to the fullest, usually in the form of a Sodium-Hyaluronate based gel, lip enhancement fillers are a method for instant improvement of one’s look and self-esteem.

Instant results

Plastic surgery has been the way to treat lack of volume or contour imperfections of the lips and the immediate area around them. The negatives of this form of solution are many – cost, discomfort, downtime, often irreversible effects. When compared to a simple lip plumper injection, these classic methods of augmentation procedures are both impractical and unpleasant.

When opting to use fillers lips will be noticeably improved in just a single session, that usually ranges from between 20 and 30 minutes. The results usually last from six to twelve months of fuller lips. The hyaluronic gel safely dissolves over time, but results can be easily maintained with the so-called “touch-up” procedures where a small amount of HA gel is added to maintain the desired volume.

The Right Filler from The Right Store

Buying lip fillers online can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not fully up to date with a specific brand or type of product for plump lips. Fillers offered on the market are in the hundreds with more and more new brands appearing every quarter. So, how to better find your way in the endless stream of Korean and European Hyaluronic products for facial and lip improvement? By trusting a reliable e-store such as My Lip Filler.

Each entry into our extensive offerings list is a high quality, long lasting and safe solutions, that can deal away with thin lips almost instantly. Our collection of lip filler products covers the full spectrum of prices and includes some of the leading brands on the market. However, we do not make any compromise with quality and all types of HA gel listed for sale completely safe to use.

High Performance Lip Filler

When you buy lip injection (or any other product) from our store, you are choosing:

  • Premium product quality – regardless of the brand, if a product, including lip augmentation fillers, are listed in our catalog, then they are not just good, but excellent to use;
  • Brands you know and brands you should know – even if some of the lip brands we offer at our store might not be known to you, we encourage you to try them our – they’re good;
  • Certified solutions – all offerings in the e-store are the result of years of research in development in Korea and Europe, are made from the highest quality materials, under the strictest protocols, in full compliance with their respective local regulators;
  • Flexible budget offers – from the bargain offers to the high-end European fillers, we include in our catalog lip volume boosters that will match any target budget, without having our clients have to chose between quality and affordability;

But It Goes Beyond

Offering premium quality lip injection (or lip plumper, if you prefer) is only half of the story. What makes My Lip Filler the merchant to choose is the service quality which is just as premium as the products themselves. When you buy fillers for fuller lips, your order is processed and shipped out in the shortest time possible, so that you can have it on time for the cosmetic procedure appointment.

Our global outreach allows us to help customers looking for the best price for lip and face fillers on the market from all corners of the world. Delivering with both priority mail and express couriers, we make the ‘lips fillers near me’ online search redundant. We have customers from the EU, US, Canada, the Middle East, Japan, Australia and several LATAM countries (including Peru, Colombia, Chile and Ecuador).

Need Help Choosing the Right Filler?

Our friendly team will do its best to accommodate all your needs and meet all your requirements when looking for the right lip filler, at the right price, which will deliver optimal results. Regardless if you want to inquire about the product specs of a specific brand or type of Hyaluronic gel or would like to hear some recommendations based on your needs, requirements or budget – we are here to help.

Our team is available for direct inquiries via phone, chat and email. We will do our best to answer any general or specific questions regarding lip fillers, treatments using them and possible factors you should take under consideration.

Get in touch today and buy premium lip filler products for more volume, better contour and an overall improved look.

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are, usually, gel like substance applied to the mid to deep skin layers, used to augment the lips. Most often based on Hyaluronic acid, they can be used to add volume to the lips, making the fuller and plumper. They are used both to correct loss of volume and purely aesthetically. Further, lip fillers can be utilized to contour the shape of the lip.

How long do lip fillers last?

It’s a strictly individual both in regard to product and patient. On average, different lip fillers brands will advertise anywhere between 6 and 12 months of lip enhancement, although select fillers can supposedly last up to 18 months. That being said, touch-up procedures are strongly recommended every 6 months. Duration will depend on the HA gel’s quality, the concentration of the Hyaluronic acid, the size of molecular particles, the cross-linking method, factor and ratio and, last but not least, the thickness of the gel. On the user’s side the main factor is metabolism, but also way of life, die, pre-existing conditions, etc.

Are lip fillers safe?

When compared to the traiditonal methods of lip augmentation, fillers are a much safer, less discomfortable and invasive solutions. The old methods of adding volume or contour to the lip involved actual surgery, were quite expensive and the results were more or less permanent. As opposed, lip filler application takes about 30 minutes, is marginally unpleasant (if at all), gives better control to the dermatologist/beauty professional and offers only temporary augmentation, meaning if you’re not happy with the results, there IS going back. Additionally, HA fillers are based on a natural substance, are completely biodegradable and biocompatible and completely safe for most people. Naturally, a preliminary consultation with a specialist is mandatory.

What is the recovery process after lip filler injections?

As noted in the previous answer, this is the most non-invasive method to get fuller and prettier lips. A mere half an hour procedure, normally, it requires little to no down time. Usually, you’re free to go about your day, once it is done. The adverse effect, are normally presented in the form of minimal redness, some swelling and possibly bruising, with the accompanying mild discomfort, pain and/or itching. Such symptoms will usually subside in a 48-to-72-hour timeframe, post procedure. General post-lip filler recommendations include drinking a lot of water, avoiding make-up, staying away from the sun, for a few days. It’s important to follow the instructions your dermatologist or licensed cosmetic practitioner provided you with to the letter.

Can lip fillers be reversed or removed?

As noted, this is one of their main advantages. Typical lip fillers are only a temporary form of lip augmentation, meaning that in time, the Hyluronic gel will safely be dissolved by the body. But that is not all. There are special solutions, usually some Hyaluronidase type of product, which are used to quickly dissolve HA gel, meaning a person does not have to wait until their filler dissolves naturally. Filler removal or correction is much easier that plastic surgery lip enhancement, which requires an additional surgical procedure to remove the effect (if the method used, even allows that).

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