One of the worst issues related to aged and tired skin is the loss of elasticity and the subsequent formation of wrinkles, skin folds and, last but least – sagging skin. While depressions in the dermis, while unpleasant, are manageable with regular fillers, skin tightening in order to achieve lifting effect is quite tricking and requires the correct product to be used. Lifting the sagged skin up is normally done using products like threads, but also skin laxity fillers, which provide the necessary support to the upper and mid dermis tissues, in order to straighten the skin out.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Traditionally, the treatment for mature skin which sags in the area of the chin and jawline, for example, has been plastic surgery. A procedure know as facelift is performed, where the skin is pulled back, sometimes partially cut out, in order to create physical appearance of smoothness. However, not only is this method unpleasant, risky, difficult and expensive, but it does little to solve the underlying problem of loss of elasticity and skin stability. In the past decades, however, newer and more effective methods to fight one of the most visible signs of aging have been developed:

  • Lifting threads – in many says, achieving skin lift using cosmetic threads is somewhat similar to surgical lifting. They are inserted into the subcutaneous layer of the dermis and used to pull the sagging skin up. However, this method is substantially less invasive. Additionally, the barbed threads (known as cogs) normally used for this procedure, are powerful rejuvenating solutions, as the barbs, in effect, emulate collagen stimulating fillers, adding volume in the area where the thread is applied over time.
  • Skin fillers – there many types, but dermal fillers for sagging skin, in particular, are normally dense. A major contributor to skin sag is the loss of support tissues in the lower dermis, which causes the upper layer to go down, due to the power of gravity. Correctly applied thick fillers, which are normally used for facial contouring, will fill the visible skin folds and pull the sagging skin up, while also improving the lower dermis support of that upper and mid layer and lifting the visible skin tissues up in the process.
  • Mesotherapy – there are many specialized products and beauty machine treatments, which are specifically tailored towards skin tightening, while also restoring its elasticity. Boosting the levels of collagen and elastin synthesis can have long term (and quite visible effect) to rejuvenate the skin and lift the visible sagging up. This is a less immediate approach, which however benefits the long-term skin health immensely.

Anti-aging injectable fillers

Fillers, in particular are a very popular method for dealing with skin sag, because they offer very immediate and visible effect. By improving the skin tissue support in the SubQ level, while also volumizing, they can drastically reduce the “perceived” age of a person.

Additionally, special filler solutions called skinbosoters can be utilized as a form of supercharged mesotherapy. They contain high concentration of powerful agents like Polynucleotides or Hyaluronic acid for skin firmness, like the high and low weight HA of Profhilo and Prima Heal, which will rapidly smooth out and tighten the upper and mid dermis in the aera of application.

Skin elasticity restoration

Gaining back the elasticity of the skin is paramount in order to successfully fight skin sag. Various products which boost elastin production can be applied directly into the dermis to jumpstart the process. Using collagen boosters can also improve the overall condition greatly.

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