Neo Nose Thread

Neo Nose Thread is a pioneering product that is developed specifically for the non-surgical augmentation of nose. This highly advanced multi thread offers instant nose reshaping results without the need for painless surgical intervention. It is crafted by NeoGenesis, a leading Korean company that has an extensive, top-selling range of reliable thread filaments. My Lip Filler is the online store to be if you want to purchase this and other up-and-coming aesthetic medicine products.

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Neo Nose Thread offers fast and risk-free nose augmentation

While standard rhinoplasty procedures require an extensive recovery period and involve quite a lot of pain and unpleasant sensations, a quick nose augmentation done with Neo Nose Thread will barely put the patient through any discomfort.  The revolutionary structure of this exceptional product has been specially tailored to:

  • Prevent scarring
  • Offer durable and natural-looking results
  • Minimize adverse effects such as bruising, swelling, etc.
  • Be free of any risk

This top-tier thread can only be inserted through a needle in the nose to swiftly lift the nasal bridge and to shrink the base of the nose.

What does a procedure with this product involve?

A typical treatment with Neo Nose Thread is very fast and simple to perform. It can last only a few minutes but it should always be carried out by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Prior to the procedure, a local anesthetic needs to be administered. The thread is inserted under the skin of the nose via a very thin needle after which it lifts and retains the skin in the desired position. This incredible effect lasts for a few months with this product because it is made from PDO or Polydioxanone which gradually dissolves into the skin. With My Lip Filler, you are guaranteed to get the authentic product.

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