Regenovue Fine (1 x 1ml)


Regenovue Fine is a Hyaluronic Acid dermal filer specially purposed for the removal of suprficial wrinkles and filling of fine lines in the nasolabial and glabella areas. A biocompatible products, it will provide patients with up to 18 months of wrinkles free experience. Regenovue Fine gives a natural look and restores volume to the skin boosting the appearance of the patient, utilizing the power of the highly concentrated HA to the fullest.

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The powerful anti-age effect of Regenovue Fine is all due to the Hyaluronic Acid, which is the main ingredient of this injectable cosmetic gel. It can be found naturally inside plants, animals and humans and there are numerous beneficial effects that is has on the skin. In the cosmetic industry, the used HA is synthetic, non-animal in origin, but still completely safe and bio-compatible. It has unique water retaining properties and products based on Hyaluronic Acid improve the natural moisture balance of the skin. It improves elasticity and makes skin softer.

Regenovue Fine takes all the natural skin improvement properties of HA and utilizes them to the fullest in the removal of wrinkles. This potent dermal filler is very effective solution for:

  • Removing glabellar lines
  • Treating crows feet
  • Removing fine lines around the mouth
  • Filling shallow marionette lines
  • Contouring lips

A major advantage of the cosmetic product is how cost effective it is. On one hand Regenovue Fine is prime quality skin filler with budget pricing, offering the quality of upper tier fillers at a fraction of the price. On the other hand, dermal filler injections, in general, are much more cost efficient than plastic surgery and offers a less painful and more flexible way of treating wrinkles.

Wrinkle removal with Regenovue Fine filler

Results of wrinkle and line removal with this HA filler are fairly quick. A single session will last anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes. Once over, the patient will be able to see the positive changes immediately. Depending on the number of areas which will be treated, several injections over the course of a number of procedures might be necessary. Periodic injection of new HA filling gel is necessary to keep the achieved results and shape.

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Disclaimer: Always read the detailed ingredients list on the back of the box or inside the included booklet. Be sure to read the included leaflet in regard to intended usage, proper application, safety procedures and, if applicable, possible counter indications and/or adverse effects. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients (certain products contain Lidocaine).