Superficial wrinkles are among the first signs of aging. Delicate and fine depressions form in the upper dermis. Factors such as fatigue and a bad lifestyle can further deteriorate the overall condition of the skin. Are areas around the eyes and the forehead the areas where it is most likely that such (at first minimal) loss of skin volume might form? Thus, under-eye fillers for wrinkles or other solutions for superficial skin lines are most likely the first a person will ever use.

Fillers For Under Eye Wrinkles

…and other parts of the face prone to superficial skin line formation are among the most popular types of Hyaluronic acid-based gel on the market. Although they are the earliest sign of aging, upper dermis loss of volume, a.k.a. wrinkles, are in a way the most difficult to get rid of. This is even truer for the area surrounding the eye, which is extra delicate. Fillers for under-eye wrinkles need to be especially gentle or in other words – soft, in order to safely treat the visible loss of volume. However, this is not only true for under-eye treatment HA gel, but also for products for Crow’s Feet.

So, how are eye wrinkles formed? It’s a process:

  1. As we age, but also amplified by external factors, we will lose elastin and collagen in the skin, as well as have worse skin hydration, mostly as a result of the lower levels of Hyaluronic acid.
  2. This directly will lead to loss of skin softness and elasticity, making the skin more “rigid”, dry, prone to damage, and adversely affected by the face muscle contractions, with the ever more visible differences before and after this process starts.
  3. More and more visible depressions of the skin will form in the area beneath the lower eyelid, accompanied by very tiny wrinkles, radiating from the inner corner of the eye, there where the nose is. This is addressed by applying high-viscosity soft fillers under eyes for wrinkle removal and skin volume restoration.
  4. At the outer corner of the corners of the eyes, small wrinkles will radiate out. These are often referred to as “Crow’s Feet” and also need a soft filler to smooth out.
  5. Between the two eyebrows, directly above the eyes, frown lines will form. Over time these are treated with different-density HA-based fillers. In the initial stages, a soft filler, possibly just a bit thicker than under-eye products, will be applied. However, as time (and the skin depression) progresses, denser and dense solutions will be necessary.

Thus, fillers used under and around the eyes, have a double purpose. First, they have the immediate effect of adding volume.  Adding the gel to the upper dermis will have an almost instant effect of a dramatic before-and-after difference in skin smoothness and texture, as the actual wrinkles and skin lines are filled. This is also the same, perhaps even more visible when it comes to dermal fillers for under-eye wrinkles, where the loss of volume of the upper dermis can be much more visible. However, that is only part of the solution and this is where soft fillers used around the eyes would possibly differ from one another.

Under-Eye Fillers

Are normally the softest of soft HA fillers. This part of the face is very delicate and has a lot of blood vessels and the product used must have the correct (high) viscoelasticity to not cause clogging of the tear-through canal. While the basic restoration of lost skin volume is the main focus, the under-eye area is often cumulatively affected by problems like darkening (i.e. dark circles). Often, products will include extra agents like peptides and other ingredients to help with additional issues.

Fillers for wrinkles around the eyes

What is specific about products used to remove wrinkles at the side of the eyes (Crow’s Feet) or between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) is their higher density when compared to a dermal filler for under-eye wrinkles. Because, these are facial parts with a higher level of movement, the Hyaluronic gel must be a little bit thicker than the one used for the under-eye zone, since extra stability is required.

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