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Effective removal of superficial wrinkles or fine lines can only be achieved with a very high quality dermal filler, which also has the necessary stability and viscoelasticity to provide naturally looking results. Revolax Fine is a prime example of a high quality filler which has all necessary features to completely rejuvenated and enhance the look of the patients, giving a youthful and beautiful appearance.

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Corrections with Revolax Fine, when applied by a skilled doctor, are very easy and quick to notice. A short procedure of some 20 minutes, can help a patient to rid themselves from annoying problems like Crows Feel, marionette lines or forehead lines. This skin filler is soft enough to deal with the more delicate wrinkles and lines on the face, without ending up seeming artificial. On the contrary – the Hyaluronic Acid gel of the filler is remain well seated into the areas of injection, without “flowing” away.

The secret is the monophasic structure of the entire Revolax line. The HA gel is more stable and durable, as compared to other brands and has a profoundly better viscoelasticity. Thus, once injected into the soft tissues, there will be no shift, plus the enzymes will dissolve it at a noticeable slower rate. While a normal skin filler only lasts from half an year to 9 months, Revolax Fine will be effective from at least an year to an year and half.

Usage of Revolax Fine

This is the softest filler of the Revolax line. Its primary usage is for delicate procedures and removal of fine lines and wrinkles, which are beyond the capabilities of thicker fillers or traditional plastic surgery. Injections of the filler are recommended in the:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Earlobes
  • Nasolabial area
  • Glabellar area
  • Chin
  • Near the eyes

Consults your doctor before getting a filler injection, but in general, there are no knowns adverse side effects of the Revolax Fine filler. Quality Hyaluronic Acid products are bio-compatible. Beyond minor irritation and redness/discomfort in the injected area, for a short period, no side effects are to be expected.

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