Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist 140ml


Aqua Science Water-Mix Infusion Mist 140ml by Histolab is an easy-to-use cosmetic product that has one main purpose – to provide the skin with durable hydration. By doing so, it also makes it soft and considerably improves its elasticity. If you too want to revitalize your skin, place your order today on My Lip Filler’s online store. The best thing about this advanced skincare solution is that it can help people of any skin type.

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Not your typical moisturizing cosmetic product

As part of Histolab’s Aqua Science range, this trusted skincare product focuses on swiftly hydrating the skin of the treated zones. It does that thanks to its pioneering SRGF H1 formula which contains robust and incredibly safe components such as Lecithin, plant extracts, Beta-glucan, as well as Sodium Hyaluronate. However, perfectly moisturized skin is also healthy skin. That is why the regular usage of Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist 140ml has various additional properties through which it:

  • Provides guaranteed UV light protection
  • Excellently maintains skin’s hydro balanced and sebum production levels
  • Quickly moisturizes dry skin and alleviates irritations and other unpleasant sensations related to it
  • Refreshes and revitalizers the treated areas
  • Makes skin softer and smoother

This groundbreaking skincare product does not discriminate between skin types but it is a perfect match for dry and rough skin that needs deep and almost instant moisturization.

Takes seconds to apply and minutes for its effects to kick in

Before you apply Aqua Science Water-Max Infusion Mist 140ml, make sure that you first thoroughly clean your face. Then, using a dry cotton pad, gently put it on the skin and carefully rub it. You will notice that your skin will feel and look refreshed and softer soon after that.

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