Below we’ve outlined the Shipping & Delivery terms of our company. These are to be treated as an addition and inseparable part of the general Terms & Conditions. Accepting said Terms & Conditions means you’re also accepting our Shipping and & Delivery terms.

Method of Delivery

Our company uses two primary methods to deliver purchased items –  postal services and courier delivery. Postal services are available in Standard and Priority variation, which differ in price and speed of delivery. Courier delivery is available in Standard and Express variation, which also differ in speed of delivery and price.

Availability, price and duration of each service differ according to the customer’s location.

Shipping of Items

Generally, items are shipped within 48 hours after the payment is received, excluding non-work days, as well as unforeseen delays.

Duration of shipping

The duration of shipping depends on the chose service and location of the customer. Below are the expected, but no guaranteed, times for delivery:

  • Standard Mail – 6-8 workdays for Europe and 15-20 for the rest of the world
  • Priority Mail – 4-5 workdays for Europe and 10-15 workdays for the rest of the world
  • Standard courier – 3-6 workdays for the EU and 7-8 workdays for the rest of the world
  • Express courier – 1-2 workdays for the EU and 3-4 workdays for the rest of the world

All prices and timeframes of delivery on the website are an estimate. Should there be a significant change or difference to the provided estimate, that affects the delivery of a purchase, we will immediately notify the customer.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate shipping information. All delays or additional costs which are a result of incomplete or inaccurate shipping information are the responsibility of the customer.