This page describes the Terms & Conditions that will regulate the business relation between The Merchant on one  side, henceforth referred to as “us”, “we”, the “seller”, the “merchant”, the “site”, “our” or by out brand name “My Lip Filler”, and the customer, also referred to as the “client”, “you”, “your”. These terms and conditions cover the usage, interaction and purchase through the website and also refer to the Refund, Return, Pricacy and Delivery policy of our company.

These Terms & Conditions are to be treated as an inseparable part of the following pages: Shipping & Delivery, Return Policy and Privacy Policy. In order to purchase from our website you must agree to all and threat them as an inseparable addition to the Terms & Conditions.


Our website, bar unforeseen events is online 24 hours, 7 days a week. Unless stated otherwise orders can be made at any moment of the day. Orders can also be made on weekends and official holidays. Once an order has been finalized it will be processed in up to 48 hours, excluding official non-work days. If necessary, we can further extend that period.

When an order made through our system (i.e. website) is complete and the user reaches the “Thank you page” our system will automatically email a confirmation of the order competition along with all the details of the order – customer details, delivery address, items and amount purchased, final price, shipping expenses, VAT (if applicable), payment method chose and payment information if necessary.

This email should not be treated as a confirmation of the order itself. It is merely an informative email, automatically emailed by our system to inform the customer of their order’s details. To explicitly confirm the order, a representative of My Lip Filler will contact the customer via email or phone. Please note our representative might require additional information or clarification from you, regarding the order, payment, delivery or your details, for us to complete the order.

The order shall be treated as completed once your package has been successfully shipped out and you received the valid tracking information.

For items with special regime in the client’s location, the products in the store are intended for use by professionals. The Buyer, deciding to purchase, declares that he is a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine. The customer is responsible for the full legal compliance in their respective country/state, when making a purchase.

Shipping & Delivery

Method of Delivery

Our company uses two primary methods to deliver purchased items –  postal services and courier delivery. Postal services are offered via priority registered mail. Courier delivery is available via DHL Express.

Availability, price and duration of each service differ according to the customer’s location.

All items are shipped from a warehouse in Europe.

Shipping of Items

Generally, items are shipped within 48 hours after the payment is received, excluding non-work days, as well as unforeseen delays.

Duration of shipping

The duration of shipping depends on the chose service and location of the customer. Below are the expected, but no guaranteed, times for delivery:

  • Priority Mail – 4-5 workdays for Europe and 10-15 workdays for the rest of the world
  • DHL Express – 1-2 workdays for the EU and 3-5 workdays for the rest of the world

All prices and time frames of delivery on the website are an estimate. Postal delivery can take up to 50 business days, while courier delivery can take up to two weeks. We consider all packages delivered in these time-frames to be on time. Additional delays as a result of customs inspections, postal or courier processing etc. will not be considered a delay in delivery or counted towards the delivery estimate period. Should there be a significant change or difference to the provided estimate, that affects the delivery of a purchase, we will immediately notify the customer. Please note, we are in no way responsible for delays due to unforeseen events or delays for which the postal services, DHL or any other used delivery service used, are responsible.

Clients are required to contact us about any delayed packages before taking further action.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate shipping information. All delays or additional costs which are a result of incomplete or inaccurate shipping information are the responsibility of the customer.

Return Policy

Item return right of the customer

The rules for returning an item are described in full in this Return Policy, as well as additionally in the main Terms & Conditions page. Any customer has the right to return a purchased item from our website if they abide by the Return Policy and the Terms & Conditions and the specific case for returning an item is acceptable as per said Return Policy.

Prior to making a return the customer is required to contact us and notify us of the item that is being returned, reason for return and method of shipping back to us.

In general, we will accept the return of a purchased item if the issue falls in one of these three groups:

  1. There is some sort of malfunction or damage to the purchase item. Such may include manufacturing defects, breakage or other forms of physical damage, expiry of content, serious diversion from the advertised parameters, which make the usage impossible or highly ineffective;
  2. The customer has received the wrong item, amount of items or additional/less than the ordered products, including products which have not been part of the order;
  3. The customer received a in item, which has been clearly damaged during the transportation by the delivery company/postal services;
  4. The customer wishes to return the item because they changed their mind – must be returned unopened and in good condition, which makes further sale of the item possible;

Returning an item without issues

Any customer that purchased an item from our store has the right to change their mind and return it, notifying us within 14 days after receiving it. The item must be returned without damage, in good condition, unopened package and in usable condition which allows it to be marketed and sold again. Return costs are at the expense of the customer. The initial shipping fee is non-refundable, in this case.

Damaged / wrong items

All items purchased at are properly packed, in a way which we deem is sufficient to protect them from damage during transportation, disregarding extreme situations, mishandling by the courier or unforeseen events.

EU customers, who purchased items from our store have a 2 year guarantee. However, the guarantee does not apply in situation of mishandling the item by the customer, improper storage, depletion of the purchased goods by means of usage or expiry due to passing the marked expiry period on the box. The consumer guarantee is limited to manufacturing defects, damage or difference in advertised properties, which could only be discovered after opening the package or using the item. Any damage or malfunctions which were visible with the naked eye upon delivery must be reported within 14 days of receiving the package. Please contact us at

Complains are to be made in English and the customer must provide the following information – date of purchase, date of delivery, order number (if there is one), name, address, contact details, purchased items and a detailed description of the exact problem and how it was discovered. We may require customers to provide additional information, if necessary.

Our definition of damaged items extends to items which cannot be used properly and have severely limited functionality capabilities or properties which are noticeable inferior to the intended by the manufacturer, as well as rapid condition deterioration or any other form of issue which prevents their normal usage. Such problems may also include item mislabeling, errors in the usage manual, hazardous properties, as well as in the event of mass recall by the manufacturer.

The customer must return all items within 14 days after notifying us. Each returned item is thoroughly expected and evaluated prior to issuing a refund or sending a replacement product. For damaged / mistaken items, which qualify, a full refund, including shipping fees is issued. Items damaged due to mishandling by the customer are non-refundable.

Item Stock, Availability and Backorders

Our website lists as “in stock” items that are both physically available on one of our warehouse and such that can be ordered from a third party supplier within a reasonable timeframe, which we consider to be three to five workdays. Whenever an item needs to be backordered, we will inform the customer and inform them of any possible delay to the delivery, as well as how long before their package is sent.

My Lip Filler can cancel any order on terms of item unavailability or  difficulty of delivery or if the item cannot be backordered within a reasonable window of time.

Orders are only sent to clients once we have successfully received the full payment for the item, shipping fees and VAT, if applicable.

Customer and Order Details

It is up to you, as a customer to provide the most up to date and accurate information – contact details and shipping information. IF we deem it necessary, we may require you to provide further information or clarification regarding any information relevant and necessary to us fulfilling your order. Should you deny our request for further information, we maintain the right to cancel the order.

Any delays or extra charges that are the results of incomplete, inaccurate or vague customer and delivery details, will be at the expense of the customer.

Taxes, Import Duties and Other Fees

It is the responsibility of our clients to be aware of local laws and regulations, as well as any import duties, fees, taxes and other expenses that are the direct result of importing an items purchased from us. We will not be responsible for any such extra expenses. Knowledge of them and taking care of them is the responsibility of the customer. Please note, your package may not be freed from customs if such extra charges are not cleared. Items returned to us from customs will be shipped again at the expense of the client. Refunds issued after an item has been returned from customs will not include the amount of expenses made for the return of the item.

Orders from the EU are will not be subject to any import fees or similar taxes. However, all customers from the EU will be charged with VAT, added to their order’s total amount (including shipping fees) at the local rate of their respective country.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel your order at any moment prior to the item being shipped. You will be issued a full refund, except for any expenses or fees we’ve incurred as a result of you making the order.

Product Prices and Taxes

The main currency of our website is the United States Dollar. However, customers from within the EU and the UK are geo-located by their IP address and will see price rates in Euro and Pound Sterling, respectively, calculated based on the USD price as per the daily exchange rate of the European Bank.

All listed prices do not include VAT. Customers from the EU and UK will be charged VAT at the checkout step of their order. Please refer to the “Taxes, Import Duties and Other Fees” section of these Terms & Conditions.

Payment Methods

A customer may pay for a purchase made on our website using a bank transfer or the integrated checkout service for credit and debit card payments. We consider the payment finalized, once the money transfer/transaction are complete and the fund are available to us. All orders will only be send once their respective payment has been successfully received.

Card payment are processed by an authorized processing service provider. No card data is directly handled by us. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information.

Any fees regarding the payment, regardless of method chosen, are the responsibility of the customer. Credit and debit card payments are normally instant, while bank transfers normally take from 3 to 5 workdays, but sometimes take even longer.

Refund Policy

Requests for refund can only be made as per our Terms & Conditions. The refund will normally be issued using the same method as the initial payment was made, unless impossible or too difficult as a result of external factors, or if we and the customer agree on an alternative method of refunding the order.

Please read the Return Policy to learn more about refund conditions. Orders that have not been sent will be refunded in full, except for any expenses we’ve had to make as a result of the order being made.

A refund may take up to a month to appear on a bank statement.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged After Delivery Items

Refunds for lost items are issued only after an explicit confirmation from the courier or postal service used, that the package is lost. The customer is required to wait for the confirmation from the courier/postal service before claiming a refund.

The merchant is not responsible for items which were lost, stolen or damaged after being delivered by the courier/postal service.

Web Content and Limited Liability

All information on our website is kept as accurate and as relevant as possible. However, mistakes and inaccuracies are possible. We retain the right to change and add information to any page, product description or policy. You will be duly notified of any changes or inaccuracies that might be relevant to you and your order. The term “information” includes all text, images, media, links, animations, videos or other type of content which contains information, on our website

Our liability will only be limited to the amount that the customer has initially paid for their order. Regardless if the liability is strict, product or negligence, The Merchant will not be responsible or accountable for damages of value greater than the amount paid by the customer.

Damages and losses which are indirect in their nature, suffered by either the client or a person or entity related to them, such as customers, business partners, contractors etc., will not be considered the responsibility of The Merchant. Such damages can be defined, with the definition not being limited to loss of opportunity, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of client interest, or other forms of loss, which in legal terms can be constituted as “damages”. No indirect form of damages to the customer or related third parties if the responsibility of our company.

Complaints, Feedback and Inquiries

Any complaints, request, inquiries can be done over phone at +40 (312) 295-414 or via email at

Applicable Law

All business relations between us and the customers are regulated by the current Romania and EU law.


My Lip Filler has the right to make any changes to its website, information, contact details, terms of services, pricing and available items without any prior notice. This valid for any type of information and other content freely available on our website.

We retain full right to cancel any order without prior notice, as the customer will be fully reimbursed except in cases where additional expenses had to be made, in which case we will without the amount of said expenses from the refunded sum. Shipping fees for orders not sent are also part of the full refund.

The inability to send or deliver items on time or at all, which is the result of unforeseen events will not be the fault of The Merchant.

Intellectual Property

Our website is build on a modified version of the free theme Twentysixteen. It also uses third party images from Freepik. All content requiring attribution will be property attributed as per the authors requirements. If you believe that we have used your content in violation of your intellectual property or have not properly attributed your work – please contact us at

All third party work and intellectual property is fully owned by its respective authors and should not be copies, distributer, modified or otherwise used without their consent or as per the terms determined by the respective intellectual property holder.

All other content on the website, not owned by a third party is to be considered the intellectual property of The Merchant. This includes but is not limited to images, video, text, media, designs. Usage and distribution of such content is strictly prohibited unless for our explicit, written consent.

Company Details

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