This page outlines the Return Policy of our online store. It is to be considered an inseparable addition to our Terms & Conditions and agreeing to them in full requires the acceptance of the Return Policy as well.

Item return right of the customer

The rules for returning an item are described in full in this Return Policy, as well as additionally in the main Terms & Conditions page. Any customer has the right to return a purchased item from our website if they abide by the Return Policy and the Terms & Conditions and the specific case for returning an item is acceptable as per said Return Policy.

Prior to making a return the customer is required to contact us and notify us of the item that is being returned, reason for return and method of shipping back to us.

In general, we will accept the return of a purchased item if the issue falls in one of these three groups:

  1. There is some sort of malfunction or damage to the purchase item. Such may include manufacturing defects, breakage or other forms of physical damage, expiry of content, serious diversion from the advertised parameters, which make the usage impossible or highly ineffective;
  2. The customer has received the wrong item, amount of items or additional/less than the ordered products, including products which have not been part of the order;
  3. The customer received a in item, which has been clearly damaged during the transportation by the delivery company/postal services;
  4. The customer wishes to return the item because they changed their mind – must be returned unopened and in good condition, which makes further sale of the item possible;

Returning an item without issues

Any customer that purchased an item from our store has the right to change their mind and return it, notifying us within 14 days after receiving it. The item must be returned without damage, in good condition, unopened package and in usable condition which allows it to be marketed and sold again. Return costs are at the expense of the customer. The initial shipping fee is non-refundable, in this case.

Damaged items

All items purchased at are properly packed, in a way which we deem is sufficient to protect them from damage during transportation, disregarding extreme situations, mishandling by the courier or unforeseen events.

EU customers, who purchased items from our store have a 2 year guarantee. However, the guarantee does not apply in situation of mishandling the item by the customer, improper storage, depletion of the purchased goods by means of usage or expiry due to passing the marked expiry period on the box. The consumer guarantee is limited to manufacturing defects, damage or difference in advertised properties, which could only be discovered after opening the package or using the item. Any damage or malfunctions which were visible with the naked eye upon delivery must be reported within 14 days of receiving the package. Please contact us at

Complains are to be made in English and the customer must provide the following information – date of purchase, date of delivery, order number (if there is one), name, address, contact details, purchased items and a detailed description of the exact problem and how it was discovered. We may require customers to provide additional information, if necessary.

Our definition of damaged items extends to items which cannot be used properly and have severely limited functionality capabilities or properties which are noticeable inferior to the intended by the manufacturer, as well as rapid condition deterioration or any other form of issue which prevents their normal usage. Such problems may also include item mislabeling, errors in the usage manual, hazardous properties, as well as in the event of mass recall by the manufacturer.

The customer must return all items within 14 days after notifying us. Each returned item is thoroughly expected and evaluated prior to issuing a refund or sending a replacement product. For damaged items, which qualify, a full refund, including shipping fees is issued. Items damaged due to mishandling by the customer are non-refundable.