Our store accepts the following payment methods: card payment, bank transfer and Wise (ex. Transferwise) transfer.

Card Payment

Card payments are processed through the Truevo and PayU payment gateways. With several exceptions both are available for purchase for all products, allowing you to use one if the other is, for whatever reason not working for you. We can accept payments from Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards, both credit and debit ones. Unfortunately, we cannot process American Express or Discover cards.

The card payment services are integrated directly into our system. When paying with Truevo, the payment form will be directly displayed on your screen at the second step of the checkout process. When paying with PayU, you will be redirected to the PayU Payment Gayteway where your payment will be processed. Both services will process your payment instantly and your order’s status will be automatically changed to “Processing” and you will receive a confirmatory email with your order’s summary.

Bank Transfer

The bank transfer option is limited only to customers in the EU and the US. When selecting this payment option, your order is automatically put “On Hold” and you will receive and email with the order summary and our bank account details. These are also included at the “Thank you” page, when you submit your order. Once your payment is received, we will manually change your order’s status to “Processing” and proceed to send out your shipment.

Transfer times range a lot depending on your bank, but on average EU transfers takes anywhere between 5 minutes and 2 workdays. US bank transfers are in the 1 to 3 workday range, normally.

We recommend you put your order’s number as payment reference, when making the transfer. If possible, message us so we can expect a transfer from you, once it has been sent.

Wise (ex. Transferwise)

Wise is an international payment platform which operates similarly to services like Zelle. It permits customers to send money using multiple methods, including card, bank transfer and some local solutions, for certain countries.  This option is available only to customers to have a Wise account. Detailed instructions on how to pay using Wise can be read here. These are for using Wise to pay via card, but they are also valid for other payment methods you’ve linked to your Wise account.

Please, if possible, add your order number as a payment reference, when paying via Wise.

Payment Security

Both payment gateways integrated in our system are completely safe and reliable. All card payment transactions are subject to 3DS v2 verification for extra safety, which is mandatory for each transaction. The payment gateways are integrated in a way that no card data goes through our system, but is instead directly submitted to the safe payment gateway of our payment processing services.

Please note that 3DS checks are performed by each bank in a different way. The most popular method for two factor verification of card payments is via a one-time password sent to you via email, text message or your bank’s app. Usually, you will be redirected to your bank’s website to perform the additional check after which you’re redirected back to our system.

Note: My Lip Filler does not hold, process, forward or store any card details.

Payment Problems

In case you are having issues with your payment being processed/transferred, please refer to our guide on the most common payment problems (particularly card payments).

Refund Policy

Please refer to our detailed refund policy as outlined in the Terms & Conditions and specifically in our Return Policy.