Basic Science Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask 1kg


With its 20% Algin composition, Basic Science Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask 1kg is a hard-to-match cosmetic solution for the treatment of a wide range of skin irritations. Its gentle and mild character and all-natural ingredients allow for it to be applied even on extremely sensitive skin and after more aggressive skincare treatments such as IPL, laser or UV therapies. My Lip Filler is a leading online distributor of Histolab’s new-generation modeling masks.

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Professional modeling mask that soothes skin irritations

Basic Science Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask is created and advertised as a professional-only product. Therefore, it should be used by qualified and experienced beauty professionals and aesthetic dermatologists. This product comes in the form of powder and it needs to be mixed with purified water (1:1.5 parts). Use on a skin that has been well cleaned and peel the mask off after 10-15 minutes. Patients who would benefit the most after treatment with this first-class skincare product are those who suffer from skin irritations caused by:

  • Skin hypersensitivity
  • Solar overexposure (sunburn)
  • Discomfort after other skin treatments (IPL, laser, UV, etc.)

To effectively calm the skin, this revolutionary modeling mask will considerably improve its hydration levels and, at the same time, it will gradually soothe it through its robust cooling properties delivered by ingredients like Allantoin and an extract from Peppermint.

Durable skincare benefits

Similar to Histolab’s other advanced cosmetic products from its Basic Science range, this one offers various additional skincare benefits to patients as it:

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Gives skin a healthy natural glow
  • Speeds up skin cell renewal
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Treats skin redness

The usage of Basic Science Peppermint Cool Plus Modeling Mask is possible even on acne-prone and sensitive skin. Order it via My Lip Filler and get it with speedy international shipping.

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