Derma Science 50% EGF Complex Ampoule – 50ml


To quickly reduce the appearance of shallow wrinkles, one no longer needs to put up with pain, needles, invasive procedures and long downtime. All you need to enjoy smoother skin, free of superficial wrinkles and fine lines, is Derma Science 50% EGF Complex Ampoule 50ml. This reliable skin boosting product by Histolab has exceptional anti-aging properties. It improves skin’s elasticity and provides it with various vitamins and nutrients. Order it from My Lip Filler.

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An all-natural anti-aging solution

Derma Science 50% EGF Complex Ampoule is very easy to apply but the results it offers are hard-to-beat. That is because this optimized skincare solution packs only natural ingredients each of which has its own unique set of impressive skin rejuvenating powers. The EGF Complex in it, for instance, is designed to encourage the skin to self-heal and it effectively stimulates the renewal and repair of skin cells and improves the synthesis of elastin, collagen, and other highly important structural proteins. The Adenosine in the product has potent anti-wrinkle properties which become particularly visible after a long-term application. To preserve and refresh the skin, this advanced cosmetic rejuvenation solution will also provide it with a wide range of nutrients and vitamins through the all-natural substance Exlipata Prostrata. The Trehalose in it, on the other hand, has incredible hydrating powers that can not only improve skin’s healthy moisture levels but to also maintain them. Other key ingredients in Derma Science 50% EGF Complex Ampoule 50ml are:

  • sh-Oligopeptide
  • Lavender oil
  • Lecithin
  • Hexapeptide-44
  • sh-Polypeptide-1
  • Glycerin

Can it be combined with other skincare products?

Due to its non-aggressive and chemical-free composition, this pioneering anti-aging ampoule by Histolab can be easily and safely used together with other professional-grade skin rejuvenation products, especially those from the Derma Science range. That will further enhance the treatment’s effects.

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