Neobella (ex. Kabelline) Contouring Serum – 5 x 8ml

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By stimulating the body to dissolve fat cells and deposits, absorb water at a faster rate and destroy fatty acids, DA-based fat-melting injectable Neobella achieves fantastic weight loss results. Now distributed by My Lip Filler, this world-class contouring serum has properties and quality similar to those of Kabelline. Designed and manufactured by NewFace Laboratories, it delivers a localized anti-obesity treatment that is fast, painless and safe.

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Neobella’s indications

With Neobella, NewFace Laboratories has managed to craft a top-notch lipolytic product that can be injected into various areas of the body including the hips, belly, upper arms, back, abdomen, upper legs and more. It can also deliver durable double chin removal when it is applied in the submental region. That quickly contours the line of the face – a feat that is hard to achieve even with plastic surgery.

  • Significant improvement of the facial contour
  • Fast removal of fat deposits in the body (thighs, abdomen, underarms, hips, etc.)
  • Guaranteed reduction of submental fat (double chin)
  • Greatly improved water absorption in the body
  • Considerably speeds up fatty acid metabolism

How many treatments will be necessary?

The impressive slimming and fat-burning effects of Neobella become visible almost immediately after the first injection session with this product. However, to enjoy optimal and durable results, patients are advised to complete the full treatment course which should include not more than six separate sessions. Each of these procedures needs to be performed within at least a week from the other. The use of this outstanding contouring serum can also be combined with cosmetic surgery like liposuction or with any weight-loss diet or workout routine. By doing so, patients will have a better chance of achieving their anti-obesity goals quickly and effectively.

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