True Healer (1 x 3ml)


True Healer is the budget friendly alternative to Profhilo, that comes from Korea. It guarantees effective skin revitalization by utilizing superior HA architecture. This Hyaluronic filler is used to restore the skin’s elasticity, improves the overall tone and helps with the hydration, natural regeneration and microcirculation inside the dermis and subq layers. All the advantages of Profhilo are now available at a much reduced cost with the True Healer HA filler.

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True Healer is a superior product, based on Hyaluronic acid, for achieving healthy and rejuvenated skin. Probably one of the best alternatives to Profhilo, it gives the same excellent quality of skin revitalization, but for a fraction of the price.

It utilizes a stable HA structure and will give the skin the much-needed lifting effect, while also helping the self-healing and self-regenerating processes of the dermal cells. Long term skin rejuvenation is achieved via stimulation of elastic production and boosting the natural synthesis of HA in the skin. This makes the True Heal to be an excellent option for:

  • Improving/restoring the elasticity, tone and firmness of the skin
  • Boosting the moisture retention of the skin long term
  • Stimulating the self-healing of the surface, mid and subQ layers of the skin
  • Restoring the natural skin protection against external factors
  • Activation of cutaneous microcirculation, which improves the overall skin radiance

A minimum of at least two treatments with True Heal is necessary to reach optimal results, preferably the second session being performed about one month after the first.

In terms of ingredients, like the Profhilo, True Heal combines 16mg/1ml of High Molecular HA and 16mg/1ml of Low Molecular HA, totaling 96mg/3ml (48mg High HA + 48mg Low HA). This allows the filler to not only give quick results, but for the skin to maintain the beneficial effect over the course of months.

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