Dry skin is the most popular dermal problem in the world and it affects young and old, man and women. Lack of proper dermal hydration is not only the most prevalent issue that people have to deal with, in terms of skincare, but also, a major precursor to a plethora of other problems – wrinkles, damaged skin, wounds, sagging, loss of elasticity and more. And in order to combat this problem, dermatologists, licensed practitioners and their patients have a wide selection of tools – professional cosmetics, meso solutions and moisturizing fillers (often referred to as skinboosters).

Revitalizing Your Skin

Dealing with dry skin beging with understanding the problem and its origin. The most effective method to moisturize will only be achieved of the root of the problem is found and then the skin care routine is built around addressing it properly. Here are the most common causes of skin dryness:

  • Age – definitely the most common, as it’s the factor which nobody can avoid. After a certain point of our life, usually in our twenties, our body and skin begin to age. It’s a slow process of cell deterioration which affects the dermis as well. One of core issues that come along with it, is that the skin’s ability to synthesize vital compounds like collagen and elastin starts to decrease. In turn, this inhibits it from the ability to properly moisturized. Hence, dryness, which leads to wrinkles and sagging and so on.
  • Lifestyle – if you don’t get a lot of sleep, don’t’ properly relax or lead an active and healthy lifestyle, your skin health is bound to rapidly deteriorate (along with the rest of the body). It is highly unlikely for you to not take care of yourself and have good skin. Not taking care to look after your general wellbeing cannot be compensated by any amount of skin rejuvenation treatments.
  • Diet – although, it could be included as part of one’s lifestyle, food and beverage consumption, in terms of what and how much you eat and drink, should probably be reviewed as a separate entry, because it’s that important. Junk food, insufficient nutrient and vitamin intake, excessive and/or regular alcohol usage – all of them will make your skin less healthy and with worse hydration.

Once your dermatologist or licensed professional has gotten the clear picture of what causes your skin to dry, they can build a proper treatment plan to moisturize it correctly, provide all the necessary beneficial agents directly into the dermis and boost its overall condition. This will often include a mixed filler and meso treatment, for both short and long-term going in moisturization and skin health.

Understanding Mesotherapy

There is no clear line, which distinguishes mesotherapy from other forms of dermal treatment for moisturization and rejuvenation. However, the most common forms, include the introduction of a broad spectrum of agents (nutrients, vitamins and minerals) directly into the dermis, for a full facial treatment or using a specific solution locally, usually with the goal of more rapid skin health gains.

A major advantage of meso care for the skin is that it is by definition very versatile. Different methods, treatment plans and active ingredients can be used to achieve optimal results, which in terms of treatments for skin revitalization is a flexibility few other methods can offer.

Combining Mesotherapy and Moisturizing Fillers for Optimal Results

To achieve maximum effectiveness, combining filler and meso treatment is perhaps the most wholesome method for skin care. Fillers offer immediate effect of volumization and wrinkle filling. The ones based on Hyaluronic acid will have the long-term effect of releasing HA molecules into the skin, as they dissolve and boost the local hydration. Additionally, skinboosters like Revofil Aquashine, Profhilo or Gemvous, will provide a focused boost in skin health, in their immediate area of application, at a much quicker rate than the meso would.

That being said, for long term effect and deep facial hydration therapy, fillers and skinboosters can be combined with one or more forms of meso care for the skin, as it tends to offer gradual improvements, which accumulate over time with a long-term improvement to dermal hydration and skin health.

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