Filler X (PCL + HA filler) – 1 x 1ml

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Filler X is one of the most durable dermal filler injections from GANA R&D’s exquisite anti-aging range and possibly on the global market as a whole. Sold by My Lip Filler, this new-gen cosmetic rejuvenation solution has a duration of up to 4 years because it also features a small amount of PCL. This is also why it steadily increases collagen levels in the skin for even more natural anti-wrinkle results.

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World’s best new dermal filler

Although Filler X was launched on the global market relatively recently, it had already generated quite the buzz. That has a lot to do with the fact that it is a rather unique product. It is a modified Hyaluronic Acid filler that also contains PCL, also known as polycaprolactone, thus its unbeatable effects longevity (2-4 years) and versatile application that can be summed up in the following way:

  • Rapid reduction of wrinkles and folds (e.g. nasolabial folds)
  • Safe nose bridge reshaping
  • Minimally invasive augmentation of chin
  • Pain-free enhancement of cheeks
  • Deep skin moisturization

This outstanding skin rejuvenating product gradually dissolves until it completely disappears, leaving no traces behind in the patient’s body. It is not toxic and it is proven to be fully biocompatible. Put simply, side effects are not on the menu with this pioneering filler injection.

Filler X as a powerful collagen booster

PCL is a polymer and as such, the human organism recognizes it as a foreign body. This triggers a risk-free process that increases the production of collagen and further smoothens and rejuvenates the patient’s skin. This effect kicks in about 4-6 weeks after the initial injection session and lasts until the gel implant completely degrades and disappears.

Filler X is a one-of-a-kind HA filler which you can purchase via My Lip Filler with the click of a mouse.

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