Basic Science ION-TO V (MULTI-VITAMIN) – 20ml x 50ea


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The fastest road to a rejuvenated skin is paved with powerful nutrients and durable moisturization. Basic Science ION-TO V (MULTI-VITAMIN) does both like no other first-class cosmetic product. The difference is that this one has been designed to be used during Iontophoresis cosmetic treatments. Developed and produced by ambitious South Korean company Histolab and distributed and sold My Lip Filler, this well-recommended skincare solution will surprise you with its unbeatable anti-aging effects.

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Guaranteed anti-aging results

Every vetted beautician will tell you that the best way to avoid premature aging and to slow down the hands of time when it comes to the natural aging process, is by finding a way to maintain your skin perfectly moisturized and thoroughly nourished. Basic Science ION-TO (MULTI-VITAMIN) achieves that with 100% because it has SRGF H1 Complex at the core of its advanced formula. This trademark complex by Histolab has remarkable hydrating abilities. When those are combined with all the vitamins, peptides and minerals in the composition of this optimized skincare product, they ensure that the skin will not only gradually restore its normal hydro balance but it will also be able to preserve it. Other incredible effects offered by this patient-friendly cosmetic product are:

  • Enhanced skin elasticity
  • A revitalized appearance
  • A guaranteed soothing sensation

Other key ingredients in this fast-selling skincare product are Beta-glucan, Acetyl Hexa Peptide, Hydrolyzed Elastin and a fantastic cocktail of nutrients and multivitamins (e.g. Vitamins B5, B3, etc.).

Best way to apply and use Basic Science ION-TO V (MULTIVITAMIN)

Like all other ION-TO solutions from Histolab’s Basic Science line, this one is meant to be used during Iontophoresis skincare treatments. To offer better results, it needs to be well absorbed by the skin and for that to happen, one must apply it with the Iontophoresis galvin stock’s gauze.

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