Kabelline Contouring Serum


Why use fat resolving products and why choose Kabelline? If you want a quick and painless alternative to traditional plastic surgery and more importantly – a safe and simple way to deal with excessive fat tissues, this is the injectable product for you. Based on deoxycholic acid (which is FDA approved), it can be injected into specific areas of the body, making it a more flexible solution than surgery, allowing the treatment of difficult areas like the neck, for example.

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The secret of the Kabelline effectiveness is the FDA approved deoxycholic acid –  a bi-product of a bacteria which can be found in the human intestines. This substance has the ability to greatly boost the natural body metabolism. When the product is injected into an area with fat tissues, the body will start to naturally burn and dissolve fat cells, turning them into water and peptides, which are safely disposed of in a natural way.

Further, Kabelline stimulates the body to absorb water better, which also causes fat cell dissolvement in a process known as “hypotonic lipo-dissolution”.

What does the box contain?

Kabelline comes in 5 dozes in the form of ampoules, each of which contains 8ml of the fat resolving product. These can be injected into a variety areas of the body and the safe to remove excessive fat tissues.

Injection of the Kabelline serum should always be done by medical professional. On a single injection session from half to a full vial of fat resolving serum can be used. Since this is a powerful solution, a minimum of 7 days must pass before your next visit to the doctor for a new injection. A single injection should be about 0.2ml, with an absolute maximum of 50 injections for a single session and the  distance between the points of injection should be no less than ten mm.

When a proper treatment with Kabelline fat resolving serum is done,  it can offer a powerful and efficient removal of fat cells, that unlike surgery requires no dawn time and is much safer and painless than plastic surgery. If the patient want to achieve the absolute optimal results, they should combine the  serum injections with exercise and a balanced diet.

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